1994 Dodge Stealth RT 3.0L DOHC from North America


Good overall, better than expected


SRS light on @ 40,000

Bad Clutch @ 50,000

Bad Thermostat @ 80,000.

General Comments:

I have to admit that I've never given the Stealth/3000GT lines the respect they deserve. I've always believed that the reliability for Mitsubishi's were far worse than Toyotas/Nissans and Hondas.

It has actually been a good, solid car!


- Good acceleration... but it's a heavy car so the 222hp isn't as fast as you might expect.

- Good handling... but there can be a little wheel hop and some moderate torque steer which detract from the experience.


- Excellent paint (although I ruined mine) with a high quality base/clearcoat in comparison to single-stages like the MR2.

- Beautiful body that doesn't need body kits or other modifications.

- Leather seats are high quality and comfortable.


- Good Reliability. Its not an Accord, but it's a sports car so "good" is "great".

- Moderate Maintenance costs:

= 60k/120k service: $1,000.


She's been a solid car. Just make sure to:

- get the 60k/120k timing belts replaced

- Replace your thermostat! For some unknown reason, the thermostat goes into "CLOSED" mode when it fails, so when it fails your car will continue to increase temperate until it overheats (and could cause serious harm)

- use a dealer when possible: my local Firestone screwed up my wheel hubs and slave clutch cylinder, my alarm installed tripped my SRS light (a common problem) and the dealer couldn't turn it off.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2004

25th Oct 2004, 23:31

Funny, but my thermostat froze up at 80k as well. I changed my water pump, timing belt, belt tensioners, pulleys and hoses at 60k (at a total cost of $600...and I did the labor), but don't know if I replaced my thermostat at that time. I didn't show replacing it.

I wouldn't have minded, but mine decided to CLOSE after the engine was HOT. Impossible you say? Then explain how I can drive 200+ miles on the way to Vegas from Los Angeles with no overheating, then suddenly heat up at the border?

7th Mar 2005, 15:49

I am looking for help about my 1994 Dodge Stealth. Occasionally my "automatic" will stall just before going from a complete stop as I push on the gas, does anyone have an answer for me?

26th Mar 2005, 10:25

Regarding the technical question above, are you familiar with www.3si.org? It's the 'official' club of Mitsu 3000/Stealth owners. There's a huge FAQ section full of technical questions and answers like yours. Definitely worth a look.

I am currently investigating the purchase of a 1995 Stealth myself, so I want to get acquainted with all the ownership issues and costs. Thank you.

1994 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo 3.0 V6 twin turbo from North America


Even when new, this car gave more satisfaction for the dollar than any other car in its class


Wear on the driver's side seat cover (Remember, it has 106000 miles on it!)

The clutch was replaced at 96000 miles.

General Comments:

This has been a truly awesome car to own. Even after 9 years it still gets looks from other drivers.

The handling is better than in any other car I have driven. It is my long distance car because of the level of comfort for the driver.

This car still has serious acceleration, even after all of its miles. The only two cars I have driven that had more were a mid 1960's Corvette with a fuel injected 427 V-8 and my turbocharged 2000 Miata which develops 295 BHP!

My advice? Get one! But you can't have mine. I have plans to rebuild the engine and modify it a bit. With any luck I'll get over 400 BHP out of it!

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2003

9th Jun 2006, 12:09

With any luck??!?!!?!?!? 400hp is nothing for these cars lol... They come with 320 stock. A 16g or 14b upgrade will take you much over that.

9th Jun 2006, 14:31

I want one.