1995 Dodge Stealth R/T TT 3.0 DOHC Twin turbo from North America


This car is the best car I've ever owned


The clutch and struts have been replaced, as well as the flywheel. I did maintenance such as timing belt, water pump, crankshaft position sensor. As with any other car the drivers seat has gotten minimal wear but shows a little.

General Comments:

This car is rediclously fast and ahead of its time. I have never lost a race in town and I have raced some highly modified cars. The AWD is a must have after owning this car, I will never buy a non AWD car again. The car handles like nothing I have ever rode in or owned. I highly recommend this car, and it turns heads everywhere I go. Oh ya and I always get the "What the hell kind of car is that?"

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Review Date: 24th October, 2008

29th Sep 2009, 11:55

Thx for the review, I'm looking at an AWD model now, once I get my insurance quote if it's not insane I'll be buying it.

For anyone looking for info from what I've read the Dodge Stealth AWD turbo's are reliable, they hold onto their value and are quickly becoming collectible.

Understand holding onto value is remaining in the $10,000 range or above depending on condition, parts are apparently a little hard to find and if the AWD fails it will cost a fortune but they don't have a history of failing outside of heavily abused.

3rd Jan 2011, 00:40

I have a 1995 Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo and I love it.

Just a heads up though, when doing the tune up, replace the tensioner pulley, and the bolt, even if the bolt looks fine. Mine broke and is in the shop needing a rebuild. It's better to spend a little bit more for a new bolt then $1500 for a rebuild.

3rd Jan 2011, 17:15

As a mechanic I'm curious. What happened when the tensioner bolt broke that caused $1500 in damages??

18th Mar 2014, 23:54

Hi, I had the same exact thing happen to my car. The tensioner bolt that holds the tensioner that keeps the tension on the belts. It broke and it killed my engine bad. I ended up destroying 14 of the 24 valves, the front head, and 4 pistons. Grand total of engine work and parts was almost $3,000. Like he said, replace the tensioner bolt too.

19th Mar 2014, 10:54

All Mitsubishi Sirius platform performance engines (4G and 6G designators, dual overhead cam) have interference heads. If the timing belt tensioner fails, the belt cannot keep the cams in time. The valves WILL impact the piston face, usually resulting in bent valves, busted valve guides, damaged pistons, and damage to valve seats. Usually it will munch a valve and damage the bowls as well as scoring cylinder walls. In odd cases, it may even bind up on a broken piece of valve and bend a piston rod.

1995 Dodge Stealth RT 3.0 from North America


Great, classic, and an eye turner



General Comments:

This Stealth is a classic, as impressive as it looks is how it drives.

Would be glad to buy another if performance and style were maintained.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2005

1995 Dodge Stealth Base 3.0 SOHC from North America


Looks great, but slow and problems galore


Radio needed replacement.

Power windows on passenger side shorted out.

Distrubitor needed replacement.

Header replaced.

Manifold had to be cleaned out.

Front left headlight became dimmer than the right side.

Radio shorted out again.

Engine light stays on even though the car has no problems that I know of.

General Comments:

I got this nice ride as a first car, but the looks aren't worth the trouble. as you can see above, this car has a lot of electrical problems, and kids at my high school thinks the car sux. I am trying to get a prelude or something else. don't get this car if you're not planning to work on it constantly and waste money. good turning, but aceleration is awful.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2002

2nd Sep 2002, 14:49

Good lord kid! The stealth rocks, and you want to replace it with a prelude??!??!?! The problems you mentioned are mostly previous owner faults. I have a '91 D.O.H.C. nothing too special about it (turbo-wise) and it still deserves a lot more credit than you give it. So next time you post a review on any car do research first, to see if your car's problems have happened to others of that same model.

5th Dec 2002, 09:54

I have a used 1994 base, best car I have ever owned. I agree, especially buying used cars, previous ownership and care have a LOT to do with it. Iwould not trade it for the world. I Have not found another car yet-including new ones that compare with looks and performance. The only drawback I find is headroom-being a little tall, but I knew that when I bought it, not that much of a big deal. After all these years, it still gets the attention and compliments more than any other car I have owned-I have owned quite a few high performance vehicles-this one is a keeper!

8th Apr 2005, 13:51

I have owned two Stealths so far. A '91 And '94 and looking to buy a '95 R/T. Stealths are a great car to own. I have never had any problems with Stealths. I love them!!

11th Oct 2009, 13:54

I miss my 95 Stealth R/T (227 hp; non-turbo). It was quick and turned in nicely, thanks to the new P Zero Neros I put on to replace the Korean tires the previous owner put on. But I had to sell it after two fun years; my girls were growing and it was difficult to stuff them in the back seat with their winter coats on. Now I drive an Accord like every other shmuck. I practically gave away the Stealth. I can't believe there isn't more interest in the car!