4th Aug 2006, 16:51

I have a 1991 Dodge Stealth and it ran fine for about 1 year when (what I think is the fuel pump) went bad. It turns over, but it acts like it is getting no fuel. it could be the sensors or clogged lines, but if anyone know the problem, can you please email me at samsnyder743@yahoo.com

Thank you.

I hope it isn't the fuel pump that broke. LOL

7th Jan 2007, 19:27

Hi, I also have a 1991 Dodge Stealth r/t non turbo. It's great, OK you have your fair share of problems with every old car. I had to replace my ac compressor which was pretty pricey, driver side battery died, antenna broke and the rear left rim is leaking air. Hahaha I've got to say this car has been a very great car, fast and reliable. Come on when rims start to leak air after 15years you no they've already done there job. Now I have 18inch chromed rims and everything on the car works. I only have spent around 2grand on the car and I purchased it in 1996. I bought her with 15k, it was owned by a old man and he kept her in great condition, she now has 50k. It's a great car and I love it.

27th Mar 2007, 15:14

I have owned my 92 Dodge Stealth ES since 94 and have been very pleased with it. I have had to replace the clutch, timing belt, tires, (I drive to fast) slave cylinder, and catalytic converter, but that is about it. I have 180,000 miles on the car and I had to change my first CV boot last week. I would say that is a pretty reliable car. I plan to drive it until 250,000 miles and then park it beside the garbage can. (It presently has the import car clatter, but just keep oil in it and it will be fine!)

28th Mar 2007, 09:57

I sold these vehicles brand new then and now as a used car dealer. The most important thing to remember is... there is a HUGE difference between the ES and the RT. Two completely different animals. As far as the ES, its merely a dressed up avenger or eclipse, okay for every day. The RT on the other hand, is high performance car, meant to be babied. This is why you are seeing most of the problems with the RT, now that they are older are affordable to most folks. People are buying them with the expectation to use these cars as they're everyday, back and forth transportation. NO NO NO NO!!! Please people, treat these cars like the special high performance vehicles they are, not the family outing car.

23rd Aug 2007, 18:30

I have a 1991 Dodge Stealth ES, and I have had a lot of problems.

First the connecting rod bearings went, then the lifters valves.

After all that, the engine went and clutch. I replaced the clutch twice, and now the slave cylinder is shot.

Bought the car for $6000, and after putting &6500 in to it, it's still not done.

So if you want a Stealth, be prepared to spend some coin. But it is worth it (at least to a die-hard Stealth and Dodge fan).

20th Oct 2007, 07:32

OK guys, here's the problem. As for the ticking you are getting, it is restricted oil flow. Why? Because everyone puts fram oil filters and thicker oil in the car. YOU MUST USE A MOPAR OR MITSUBISHI OIL FILER AND 5W-20 OIL ON THESE CARS. I know your saying to yourself that I'm an idiot, but you will eat your words when you do this to your cars that tick. Just because a mechanic tells you something, doesn't make it true, they are out for your money.

The after market oil filters try to filter too good and restrict the oilflow. The companies state that the filters can filter out to the micron level. An oil molecule is pretty big and it's hard to push it through a micron filter, and the harder it is being filtered through, the harder it is for it to come out. And the fact that people put Lucas and thicker oil in it does not help at all. An engine does not like molasses running through it.

I have 2 93 R/T's, both of them ticked when I got them, one did it for about 30,000 miles "family owned it", and the other God knows how long. All I did was put a mopar/mitsubishi oil for the car on it, and 5W-20 or 5W-30 depending on the season. Both run silent like it never happened.

As for saying the lifter don't have a big enough hole for the oil to go through (heard it a million times) and only 99 model lifters are sufficient. It is true, if you're trying to push 50W oil through it. Just trust me and do this. Go to the dealer, get the oil filter, get 5W-20 or 5W-30 (look in your owners manual if you don't believe me) oil and put it in, you will be amazed. Depending on how long it's been doing this, it will either stop completely or get much quieter. The longer you restict the oil flow, the more wear you cause.

I have a 93 Pearl white R/T with 225,000 miles and the original engine in it, and a blue 93 R/T with 83,000 miles on it. The only replacements done to the white one were a clutch, a PCV valve and a timing belt for good measure at 150,000. I just got the blue one, but was told it had no problems other than the ticking, which was easily fixed. These are good cars, and if you take care of them they will last forever.

31st Dec 2007, 12:36

I have owned three Dodge Stealth; I wrecked the first one, bought the second. Then decided I wanted the twin turbo and sold the second one for a 1991 RT TT. I bought it with a blown motor and rebuilt it myself. I may be biased, but I love these cars. I never took mine to a shop for anything, but did all the work myself. I agree they are expensive to maintain if you cannot do the work yourself. But learn to work on cars, make some friends at the parts stores, and they are no more expensive than any other car. Just gotta know who to talk to. I know a great deal about these cars, so if anyone has any questions feel free to email me. Dyanisis@msn.com.

6th Oct 2008, 08:39

I have a 1991 Stealth RT TT, and the guy who mentioned using the Mitsubishi oil and 5w-20/30 is dead on. I bought her at 100,000 miles and put in a new JDM engine, tranny, clutch and flywheel (not cause the stock parts weren't working). The car is now at 200000 miles (100,000 on new parts) and I haven't had to do anything other than standard repairs. I drive my baby through snow and on ice, and I love it because it handles better than a lot of the SUV's on the snow. The thing is you just have to take care of the car and that will prevent anything big from happening. Use the correct oils, something might go wrong, but that can happen with any car not just this one, my Civic has cost me 8000.00 in the 2 years I have owned it, the stealth... 5000.00 (including the new parts).

Treat her good and she will do the same.