1991 Dodge Stealth RTT Twin Turbo 3.0 turbo from Germany


High performance car with big problem after years of ownership


Catalytic converters melted at 60,000 miles.

Active exhaust system does not work.

No sufficient power and at no time pressure (turbo) gauge indicates full boost.

General Comments:

Good high performance car with no problems for years.

Help: After replacing the catalytic converters the car lost extremely power. The pressure gauge indicates most of the time not more than half boost (7).

I don't know the reason, but I hope somebody is able to help!

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Review Date: 31st January, 2004

31st Jan 2004, 19:47

Take the guts out of the converter. They're not built for racing and they melt. Keep the actual converter on so you pass inspection tests and all just take the guts out.

1st Feb 2004, 00:01


This is all you need to know. I have owned 2 for 8 years. Both TT. There are easy fixes. Your boost solenoid might need replacing. Easy. Join our forum, many mechanics on site. I am blusilvr on that board, look me up. What year/color do you have?

7th Dec 2007, 23:22

I have a 91 Twin turbo that has an ecu engine computer failure. I have seen replacements as high as $1,200.00. Does anyone have a less expensive alternative. How difficult is it to replace the defrost vents near the wind shield. My email is gshackett1@aol.com Thank you. I wold love to get this car back on the road. Best car I've ever owned. Had it since 1991.

1991 Dodge Stealth ES 3.0 D.O.H.C V6 from North America


Excellent highway car


Replaced fuel tank and sending unit.

Replaced starter and rad.

General Comments:

The car handles great, has excellent brakes and is cheap on gas. Look out for police, you always find yourself speeding with this car. Very expensive parts in Canada, the dodge dealer has a hard time fixing it properly and getting the right parts.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2004

26th Jan 2004, 11:50

You might want to try the Mitsubishi dealer for parts as your car is basically the same thing as the Mitsubishi 3000, if there are any Mitsu dealers in your area. I have run into the same thing getting parts for Dodge-branded Mitsubishi products, the Dodge dealer parts people were either clueless or just not very interested in looking things up, the Mitsubishi dealer was much better. I think also that DaimlerChrysler discontinues parts for the older Mitsubishi products much sooner than Mitsubishi does...

1991 Dodge Stealth Base 3.0 gas from UK and Ireland


All Bark no Bite


The Transmission dropped and a new one was put in for $4500.00.

The shifter boot was old had a new one custom made for $10.00.

Problems with the computer now an new on coast around $1100.

General Comments:

I love the car despite the many problems that it continues to have.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2003

8th Nov 2004, 16:03

Yeah my 91 stealth is in the shop once again I've put 3800 into this 4000 car I love the car, but I can't take much more of this.

1991 Dodge Stealth RT Gasoline from North America


A deceivingly good looking car, that sucks the life out of your pocket-book


Valves continually tick no matter what type of lubricant oil is used.

Air Conditioning went bad and cost $1400.00 to repair.

Flex exhaust rusted at bottom and cost $1100.00 to repair.

Transmission doesn't shift well, hangs up in gear or want shift into gear.

Overhead cam jumps out tooth leaving me stranded.

Replaced water pump at the cost of $430.00.

Replace tensioner and timing belt at the cost of $600.00.

Electronic Stabilizer went bad and repaired at the cost of $200.00.

Leather steering wheel & shifter have worn, as well as boot for shifter shredding.

Seats wear on edge from entering car.

Electric radio antenna broken.

General Comments:

The Stealth is a great car in appearance, however the cost for upkeep is tremendously more than the car itself is worth. While the value of the car is $3000, I have put more than $6000 into it in normal repairs since ownership. Dodge is proud of their equipment and it shows in their pricing.

Anyone who wants to own a Stealth had better have deep pockets and a good number for their local wrecker service.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

24th Apr 2003, 14:36

Well your thing was very encouraging for me! you see because I'm 16 and just bought a 1992 stealth I got it 2 weeks ago and already I am spending almost a 1000 dollars on it, the day I got it my pop up sunroof blew out of my car I'm struggling to come up with that and I need new tires. so I hope I don't have as much trouble as you did. I never knew how high the prices was going to be before I got it. jennifer.