1995 Dodge Stratus ES 2.5 liter from North America


Overall, I am very happy with my Dodge Stratus


At approximately 30,000 miles, my front brake rotors warped. The dealer replaced them at no charge under warranty. I blame this on my first wifes poor driving habits.

At 90,000-95,000 miles I had several sensor problems. During this time both oxygen sensors, the EGR valve, and an A/C pressure switch had to be replaced.

At 102,000 miles the water pump leaked and had to be replaced.

At 140,000 miles the transmission began to shift hard. I had a complete flush on the transmission performed.

At 152,000 miles oil leaked into two of my spark plug wells and had to be cleaned out.

At 160,000 miles my brake rotors that were replaced at 30,000 miles had to be replaced again - pretty good.

The factory radio went out at about 130,000 miles and the tachometer doesn't always work, but this car has never left me stranded over the past 10 years and 162,000 miles. Everything else still works fine; air conditioning, power windows, cruise control, etc.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2004

1995 Dodge Stratus Regular from North America


I hate the car it nearly broke my neck again


My transmission went out totally.

My breaks went out totally.

My power steering went out totally.

My door bell is always sounding off.

My seats do not recline properly.

My window whippers do not run well.

My car doors are hard to open.

My engine runs rough even with a tune up.

I had to put in a new starter twice.

I had to repair my horn.

The seat belts failed.

The panel lights all lit up at once while driving.

The car at 70 miles per hour locked up like it was in park and threw me and my son into the window. Then went on as if it never happened.

My car needed several repairs that are too many to list.

General Comments:

It would be nice to have a working car.

A car that I can actually depend on.

My car when it does work is very peppy.

It spends more time in the car repair shop than on the road.

I do feel very strongly that the car maker should send out warnings on the instant parking then going that it did to me to cause a full blown Whiplash. Yes I had to go to the emergency room as did my son.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2004

1995 Dodge Stratus 2.0L 4 cylinder. from North America


A total lemon!


The dash and all molding is fading greatly in color.

The rear passenger doors are not functional. The latching mechanism actually stuck closed, and I was unable to close one door at all - I drove to the mechanics with the door flapping all the way.

The factory radio dial turns the unit on and controls the volume, and it also contains a secondary dial function to switch the sound between left and right channels. This sticks, causing the sound to switch between channels when attempting to adjust the volume.

In winter, the side, rear and back windows frost and fog completely, making visibility almost impossible - defrost makes little, if any difference.

The headlights are woefully inadequate, visibility is 50 meters at best - an absolute death trap for night driving.

The door and window seals leak heavily, causing water damage to the interior doors.

When idling, the steering wheel vibrates like a jack hammer.

In a matter of 6 months, the entire rocker panels are rusting out, as well as the edges of all the doors - there was not a spot of rust on the car when I bought it.

The paint picks up stone chips very easily - a bra for this car is a worthy investment!

No amount of lock de-icer would free up the mechanism in the winter, if even a minute amount of water got inside.

The seals for the spark plug casings failed, causing oil to leak onto the plugs. This resulted in sputtering, stalling, and surging of the engine, and cost $400 CDN to repair.

The front wheel bearings need replacing at 131,000 miles, at a cost of $500 CDN to repair.

The trunk release cable broke during the winter, and now the trunk does not open, even with the key.

The seat belts lock inexplicably, even without sudden breaking, and do not retract when removed.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

25th Apr 2004, 23:51

Some of the complaints listed above are things most people have to deal with. The only things that the post should have contained were mechanical failures, not problems with the windows fogging up.

21st Oct 2006, 21:30

I agree with the above comment, if you expect perfection you should buy a new car. Used cars with over 100k are going to have some minor repairs. Unless something like the tranny or motor goes out, you don't have much of a case that it's a total lemon.

16th Nov 2008, 12:04

Thank you very much!

You expect way way WAY too much out of an old car with 100k miles.