27th Nov 2005, 07:45

Well, we agree entirely with the original post about the stratus. Our 97 2.4 gave us very similar problems.

Blown head gasket twice (4 day repair then 6 day repair) both times under 50,000 miles and repaired under extended warranty.

One wheel bearing under 50,000, other at 80,000.

Rear Main seal on engine blew at 70,000.

Transmition repaired twice under warranty, then once under extended warranty.

Tranny interlock (recall)

Front of hood rotting away with no rust anywhere else on car.

We are extremely lucky that we purchased the extended warranty with this car. The repair bills totaled over $4500 under the extended warranty alone. Will not purchase another Dodge/Chrysler either.

7th Sep 2006, 21:06

We have a stratus with 134k on it.

Have had the 2.4l model and it does suck.

Now own the 2.5l v6 and have to say it is totally awesome.

Very Very dependable and solid car.

Please note the 2.4L is not a performance engine. And should not be driven hard.

I seen 1 the other day with a big arse wing and a fart pipe and 19" rims with the 2.4 engine. LMAO what a joke.:)

The 2.5L V6 model is the way to go if doing a lot of traveling and such. Averaging 28 city and up to 37 mpg in overdrive on the turnpike.

Replaced all 4 wheel bearings

2 rotors and calipers

1 alternator the other day

1 CV axle.

Note we bought it used with over 100K on it and it was BEAT BAD by the kid we bought it off of. Field beater.

All in all Very strong dependable car.

Payed $500 for car and around $600 for all the parts.

Very hard to work under the hood.

Changed plugs and wires took 2+hours

Had to remove the intake and get new seals.

What a pain.

20th Sep 2006, 03:10

Hello, I have a 97 Dodge Stratus with 150000 and the car has cost me just normal maintenance till now. Can someone help me as to why the car won't shift out of second gear? I was told many things as to the tranny being bad, trans control module, speed sensor? Someone please help me so I do not have to replace a lot of parts. Thanks in advance.

1st Sep 2007, 22:51

I have a 1997 Stratus with a 2.5 V6, and all I have had to do is put tie rods on and tires, oil changes and that's all. Overall a great car.

27th Sep 2010, 17:50

I have a '01 Stratus, and I've had it for 5 years. So far...

- Wheel bearings (twice in two years).

- Spark plugs once.

- Tires are endlessly having problems.

- Oxygen sensor.

- Today I had the front driver side ball joint break while pulling out of a parking spot.

And those are all in the last 2 years. I'm only at 105,000. I love my car and I grew up driving with it, but it has a lot of problems that could have been fatal to me, had I not been lucky every time.

8th Jan 2011, 10:13

I bought my 1998 Dodge Stratus new in July of 1998. I now have 190,00 miles on it. I do regular oil changes. Have replaced wear parts like brakes, tires and tie rods. I have also replaced wheel cylinders, master cylinder, timing belt and alternator.

Overall, I would say this has been an excellent car for me. Chrysler did a fine job with this car.

22nd Jan 2011, 07:37

Have '99 Stratus with 92,000 miles.

1. Note to anyone experiencing left front pads and right rear brake shoes wearing out sooner than right front/left rear:

This is a cross corner split system. The left front/right rear circuit can get overheated due to the lines running too close to the exhaust on the right side. The brake fluid expands, and the pads/shoes don't retract from the disk/drum, and wear out faster, and overheat the disk/drum/wheel bearing.

Cure: insulate brake lines where closest approach to the exhaust. You can find a number of different products to do this, google heat shield tubing. Wrap the lines or put the tubing around the lines. THIS WILL WORK!. They had problems with the routing of the brake lines also, as to wear from a bracket, so check the lines front to back for wearing, as THIS will cause failure of that circuit, and poorer than normal braking.

2. This problem may/may not cause premature wheel bearing failure due to overheating, so if it happens, you may need new wheel bearings. After this occurs, as you won't have known the problem exists for a few thousand miles (you have to check your pads and shoes yourself to discover this, as a brake repair place may or may not inform you of the difference in wear between the two sides).

P.S. Do this ONLY if you're SURE that you don't have a bad caliper (sticking piston) or bad master cylinder (bad seals for the left front/right rear circuit).

In general, the '99 and the other Strati were poorly designed. Poor brakes in general, too much load on the front wheels, unibody chassis too light, transmission with known problems installed, cramped engine compartment, cramped passenger compartment, poor ergonomics in general.

They look pretty, but won't last very long. (sigh) Oh, well.