1998 Dodge Stratus from North America


I will never buy another dodge/chrysler again


Was told head gasket to go any time now.

Just replaced tie rod ends.

Needs rear brakes replaced.

Blower resistor goes every 6 months or so. cheap repair, but irritating after a while.

Stereo goes in and out occasionally depending if I am braking/accelerating? still no idea what's causing that one.

The battery is somewhere in the wheel well, have to take off tire to even change the battery!!!

General Comments:

It does have some zip.

It is extremely roomy compared to some other sedans.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

18th Jan 2007, 06:12

I had the same problem with the stereo going in an out on me.

As it turned out, the fuses for the radio (which is located in a box under the hood) had corroded prongs and was losing connection. The fuse never blew, but the corroded prongs caused the radio to fade in and out. I changed the fuse and haven't had a problem since.

1998 Dodge Stratus 2.4 Litre from North America


The most expensive mistake, I have ever made


Problems that I have had with this car include:

Vehicle blew Head gasket. Repaired for about $1000.00.

One month after the head gasket blew, the whole engine blew. A rod came out of the bottom of the engine block, while driving on the highway.

I replaced the front Ball Joints about twice.

I have replaced the front Rotors and Brake pads about 3 times.

I have replaced the rear Drums and Brake Shoes about twice.

The rear Brake lines clogging up causing the rear brakes and parking brake to not work.

Air conditioning has clogging up and does not work.

Catalytic Converter clogged causing poor gas mileage and a lot of noise.

Brake Master Cylinder malfunction.

I have replaced the both front Wheel Bearings 3 times.

The resister blew, so the heater fan would only work on high.

I have replaced the driver side front control arm about twice.

I have an exhaust leak somewhere in the engine, and one in the muffler.

I have replaced the Spark plugs about 3 times and changed the ignition wires once.

The Oxygen Sensor has malfunctioned, causing the engine to run a very rich fuel mixture. 90km for a quarter tank of fuel, and the vehicle chugs along and idles very rough.

The shifter interlock has malfunctioned, meaning the automatic transmission can be taken out of gear without applying the brake and even while the vehicle is off and the key out of the ignition. Dodge has issued a recall for this part.

The entire locking mechanism on the trunk had to be replaced as it would not open with the key.

The trunk light has malfunctioned and changing the light bulb does not correct the problem.

Bad rust on the hood near the hood latch.

Noisy struts.

General Comments:

This vehicle handles very well,in all weather conditions, due to its' wide stance.

The 2.4 Litre engine, provides excellent acceleration, when it is working properly. The most power is upon take off.

The interior is quite nice and roomy for the average person, however persons over six feet tall may be uncomfortable in the front seats.

I have never had any problems with any of the power systems. IE: Starter, battery or alternator.

The battery is located in front of the drivers' side front wheel. You cannot access it from under the hood.

All 3 engines for this vehicle are tightly squeezed into the engine compartment, that it is a nightmare for you, or your mechanic to do any repairs under the hood.

The brakes are very poor compared to other vehicles, even with new equipment.

The head lights on the car are very poor. The lights do not shine very far and there is little difference between the low beam and the high beam.

The plastic headlight casing becomes very filmy on the inside.

The lighting on the inside of the vehicle is also very in adequate, with only the one dome light.

The side mirrors look really cool, however are to small, causing poor visibility.

I will never purchase a Chrysler car again.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2005

12th Sep 2005, 06:40

Either this person has had incredibly bad luck with this car or they are at the very least stretching the truth. My 97 Stratus ES has 192,000 miles and is only now requiring some work. It has the original engine, transmission, exhaust, wheel bearings, brake rotors, etc., and still runs great. Within the last 5,000 miles I needed to replace an electric cooling fan, and am ready to replace a leaking power steering hose. I also replaced the air conditioning compressor at 185,000 miles, which considering I live in Florida, is pretty good.

All in all a great car, nothing like what is described in this review.