1998 Dodge Stratus sedan 2.4 from North America


Excellent,comfortable, reliable and sporty looking vehicle


The heater core broke and my windows started to steam up, but that is fixed now.

Doors starting to make some noise.

Sometimes power windows don't work, but when you turn the car off and start again it works fine.

Lights come and go on my heater display.

Struts are in need of replacement.

General Comments:

Very good interior setup.

Handles well on turns.

Powerful engine, picks up speed fast.

Good gas mileage on highway.

Overall handles well and great looking car!

Definitely recommend to anyone.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2003

1998 Dodge Stratus Sedan 2.4 modified from North America


At least my ride is high performance; 240+ HP


Well the only things I've done have been the head gasket, the rotors, and the water pump. Now I take this as being wear and tear over the years.

Now my ride has been hooked up to the max. You can go here and see it for yourself.


General Comments:

The pistons in my car have been modified to bigger pistons, and a dual exhaust system for the explosions from the power.

Overall, I have no complaints about my ride. I love my ride and I take care of it. A lot of people buy cars, and many of them don't know anything about the car they just bought. Instead of doing their homework, and learning if the car has had any problems when built or not.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003

1998 Dodge Stratus 2.4L from North America


As most of the reviews I have read, my 1998 Stratus has also been through 6, yes, you heard me correctly, 6 head gaskets. For the first two years, my Stratus was reliable, extremely pleasant and cheap on my pocketbook. I guess I was being prepared for the outcome. When 70,000 miles rolled on the odometer, things went from good to the worse. From brakes, to the EGR valve that cost a whopping $140.00, to more oil leaks than I thought any car could have. I currently have 117,000 miles and on my 6th head gasket. I am faithful with oil changes, lubes, flushes, always new tires! I am the only driver. The dealer will give me only $1500.00 trade in, I owe $1700.00, it looks as though I will be driving it until its paid off! I will then drag it into the dealership if I have to just to get rid of pain in the pocket book.

General Comments:

This car appears to be affordable, enjoyable, excellent on gas mileage.

However, the repairs on this car is jolting, especially when repeated numerously!

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

1998 Dodge Stratus 4 door sedan 2.4 from North America


Needs to be recalled


It has the 2.4 engine and is leaking a quart of oil every 100 miles or less. My son has a friend that has the 2.4 in their Dodge van and it has started to leaking oil. It looks like it is leaking on the drivers side at the rear of the engine on both 2.4 engines. I had a Ford Windstar van that had bad head gaskets and they recalled them and repaired them. So I will go back to Ford products. I also have a 2001 Dodge Van ES. Also a Dodge 2000, 1500 4X4, 5.9 and it has a bad miss in it. Thought I would try Dodge as I was led to believe that they had their quality straightened out, Wrong. I am going back to Ford. At least they try to keep their buyers happy.

General Comments:

Don't buy a Dodge with a 2.4 engine.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2003

1998 Dodge Stratus from North America


It's a great car until you hit 50,000 miles, then watch out!


My head gasket blew at 60,000 miles.

I have had to replace the brakes annually.

I have had to replace the motor in the driver side window at 66,000 miles.

There is something weird going on with my dashboard now, the background lights keep dimming and I can't read the mileage at times. I guess that I will have to check on that.

General Comments:

I really liked my Dodge Stratus until the past few months. It handles nicely, it is large inside, and seems to be a fairly safe vehicle. Then, all at once, the problems started.

I paid $13,000 for this car and still owe quite a bit, I am very frustrated that now I have to sink even more money into this car. How can I get Daimler to pair for or recall the head gasket?

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003