1984 Dodge Van 318 from North America


Poor technology poor quality


I have owned dodge vans all my life and the early seventies ones were good.

The eighties and nineties models I have owned seem to be junk.

I have had two 1984 models both with the same problems and same mileage approximatively

I current own a 1984 dodge b250 prospector with about 170,000 miles.

I have had real axle troubles and lock up torque converter problems not stop on this van and previous one.

Very poor handling steering is loose and suspension built poorly (anything to save a buck)

Valve guide seals faulty smokes!

Big time electrical problems! I cannot get this van to run right no matter what I do. the dealer cannot figure out the problem nor do they want to.

I have spent thousands of dollars on troubleshooting a misfire problem to no avail. the compression is even in all cylinders the vacuum readings are OK. i am totally baffled.

I used to think ford was a fix or repair all the time and not right vehicle, but now I'm annoyed with dodge.

Its too bad no one can manufacture a good full size van. in my opinion anything built after 1979 is a nightmare and built to fall apart in 5 years.

I guess I will start looking for a 1974 or earlier chevrolet or gmc one ton cargo van to build from the ground up.

Dodge paint is poor quality and does not last.

On the good side? fairly reliable if you own an oil well.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 27th June, 2004

20th Jun 2006, 00:34

A pre-1974 vehicle won't necessarily be automatically better than a 1984 one.

In both cases you are dealing with vehicles so far beyond the end of their design lives that the original standard of engineering hardly matters. It's how they've been cared for during that time - and most commercial vehicles have hard short lives.

12th Jul 2010, 11:27

Try replacing the fusible links. They were the culprit with my 1982 B250 camper, and now it runs good as new.

You could literally move the links around with your fingers, and the van would turn on and off. Made for a bumpy ride on the road as well. Totally stopped the backfiring too.

9th Oct 2010, 12:02

I have a 85 SWB B100 with a 360 and 727 auto. This van is awesome to drive, and comfortable on long trips. When I bought the van, other owners had messed with the wiring, and half the electricals were not working. I traced every wire and lead, and put everything back to factory. Everything now works, and has given me no problems at all. My opinion is to find an unmolested unit that has all factory equipment.

22nd Aug 2016, 18:46

Hi, I have a 1984 Prospector and am clueless sorta. I already switched the brakes and redid the bearings. I am most concerned with the tranny,and also where are those fuse links? (can't see what you wrote on here)