1991 Eagle 2000 GTX 2.0L SOHC from North America


The 1991 Eagle GTX-2000 is a fantastic, very reliable car when it is looked after properly


Vehicle receives regular maintenance; (oil change every 5,000km for example).

Shocks were replaced (2010).

Grease boots - replaced (2008).

Fuel pump and filter in tank; replaced (2010).

Engine temperature sensor replaced (2010).

Timing belt changed for a second time in 2009.

Radiator was replaced (2009).

Engine was rebuilt (top down - tappets; seals - replaced; rings were cleaned chemically - PSI back to normal in all cylinders (145psi... up from 130psi); runs very well now). Like new (2010).

Overdrive works; Power button works; Fuel economy with 89 octane is 480 - 500 Km per 54 liters highway and town driving mixed. Long haul highway Km are around 580-600km per tank. As good as many newer vehicles of similar design and weight.

One fuel injector was replaced (2005).

Computer was replaced due to mechanic doing pin test wrong in 2004; burned barrel capacitor (idiot).

Timing belt changed (2005) at the 150,000 km mark.

Driver's seat belt needs some repair - worn.

Paint is chipped with small micro-scratches that I regularly repair with touch up (no visible rust anywhere).

Back bumper was replaced after a small bumper collision in 1998 just after I bought the car.

Brakes and some brake components replaced, front and rear, 4 times in 13 years.

General Comments:

This 1991 Eagle-GTX, FWD vehicle with a SOHC has served my wife and I very well over the last 13 years here in BC, Canada, and it continues to do the same.

I have kept the maintenance up on the vehicle, partly through repair shops, my own efforts, and efforts of friends over the years who do mechanical work. This has allowed me to keep the labor on repair costs way down.

2009 was the year when the most repairs had to be done all at once (radiator, hoses, oil cover seal, timing belt, and alternator). Normally, repairs are done routinely over years during our ownership.

This vehicles handles very well on all roads, and is excellent in snow and ice conditions, often surpassing much newer vehicles of similar design and price range, compared to today's vehicle market.

As a used vehicle, and being an orphan (only a few of these were made) it is sometimes difficult to find parts, but there is a secret to finding them. You need to compare engine specs (Mitsubishi) with Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and compare to Talon, Mitsubishi vehicles of the same year (Gallant), and use the Internet to find parts and photos. Some parts resellers don't match the part numbers properly, or the salespeople are clueless.

Since I am an engineer... I suppose some of my ability to find parts may not be as easy for others.

I recommend this vehicle as a used vehicle to purchase, if you know how to find parts, and if the vehicle is not worn into the ground; rusted out etc... Just common sense.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

1992 Eagle 2000 GTX premium 2.0 from North America


This is a car that is undervalued


Burning electrical smell in 6 months, but was fixed by dealer under warranty. Cause was a bad ground. Wheels rattle when brake. New rotors was changed under warranty for 3 times until a mechanic used a torque wrench to tighten the wheel nuts. Coolant thermostat was changed at 60,000 km.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Excellent workmanship. Good interior layout like the European luxury cars. Quiet and comfortable ride.

Leaks and burn oils lately as this is very common to Mitsubishi products. My previous Mitsubishi car had the same problem. Excellent paint job and sheet metal. No rust at all after 13 years. Excellent price for what you get.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2005

1991 Eagle 2000 GTX Premier 2.0L 16v DOHC from North America


Fast, fun, comfortable and a reliable engine... but a bit hard to find parts for.


I purchased the car from an acquaintance who had assured me that it was nearly road ready. He had said that it needed some body work done to the rocker panels and front tires... turns out it needed much more.

The car did need body work on the rocker panels.

The bumper reinforcements rusted out and a new bumper had to be purchased (Junk Yard).

The radiator support and motor mount had rusted out. The radiator support needed to be re-fabricated because you cannot just purchase those.

A ball joint needed to be replaced.

One of the rear rotors needed to be replaced.

The front passenger caliper needed replaced.

The air conditioning no longer works.

The ECS (Electronic Controlled Suspention) no longer works.

Since I started driving the car the alternator needed to be replaced and the fuel pump is also in need of replacement.

General Comments:

This car is incredibly fun to drive. The 16 valve DOHC Mitsubishi engine is very responsive (The 2000 GTX is essentially the Mitsubishi Galant).

The car handles relatively well.

I have found that the car is also very comfortable. The bucket seats are great and the back seat has plenty of room and nice head rests. It is the only car I could fall asleep in the back of.

The electronic gadgets are pretty fun. I enjoy the electronic controlled power steering, gives a very sporty feel, and I also enjoy the "Change colour" button on the dash instruments. I really wish that the ECS still worked so that I could change the ride height of the car and the handling.

As much as I love this car, I would caution future buyers to check junk yards and parts shops in their area and make sure that they can get parts for it. These were a relatively rare car and I have found that some parts are difficult to obtain. For instance, the backing plates for the disc brakes are no longer sold, not even by Eagle or Mitsubishi.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2005

16th Jan 2011, 09:38

I bought a 91 Eagle GTX AWD in Nanaimo two years ago. For 500 dollars, it sounded too good to be true, and sure enough, problems were abundant.

The radiator has tiny holes in it at the top area; there must be a vacuum leak in the intake manifold, because the motor lopes from 2000 to 3000 rpm in neutral, warmed up or not, then sometimes it works fine.

The trunk lock has the key in it. Poor choice for metal for the keys, as they twist off, plus the trunk handle under the seat rusted so bad it broke off, and the brake rotors are rusted pretty bad.

I have to install a driver's side front CD joint.

I need to find vacuum line from the throttle body to the thermostat, since the car sat for so long it doesn't want to start.

It's a keeper, problems or not. I can't forget pulling into the deeper snow in the oncoming lane (two feet of snow) to pass stuck four wheel drive trucks while going up a long hill, unbelievable car, Evo X prototype, way cheaper.

Parts are out there, if not CNC them if you truly love your Eagle.

1991 Eagle 2000 GTX AWD 2.0 from North America


The one


Handbrake didn't work.

Power steering was leaking.

General Comments:

I had a lot of cars and this one was the best I ever had. It was very comfortable and nicely equipped. In winter, with the four-wheel-drive, it was fun to drive and it handles the road. It has a Mitsubishi engine, actually it is like a Mitsubishi Gallant. I really wish I never sold it because I am looking for another one like it with the Four-Wheel-Drive, but I can't find any...

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Review Date: 9th April, 2003

31st Jul 2003, 21:38

I noticed you owned the eagle 2000gtx previously... i still have my 1992 (for sale now) with 231000 km on it. I must agree with you about the Eagle cars from the early nineties... they were VERY good cars and totally reliable. I would suggest *anyone* looking for a great used car to see if you could find one.