29th Aug 2004, 12:01

I curently own a 91 eagle GTX 2000 AWD and I love it. In winter when every one is stuck I go flying by. It is one of the most reliable cars I have ever had.

21st Mar 2005, 20:48

I have to agree with both of you, the GTX AWD is a great car made by Mitsubishi-I believe the Evo was born from the GTX. Imagine buying A Eagle 2000 GTX AWD and installing the Mighty Eagle Talon Turbo Engine, then you got yourself a very comfortable and Fast family subaru killer!!!

11th Jul 2006, 21:57

I also own an Eagle 2000 GTX 1991, but it's front wheel drive, manual transmission, 176 000 km... and everything goes wrong with it. I had to change the car's computer, timing belt (you MUST do it every 100 000 - 120 000 km), power steering leaking, cam gaskets... well.. I wish I had never bought that car.. parts are really expensive for that rare car. but it's completely paid, and it's mine :)

17th Jul 2007, 21:12

My family still owns a 1991 Eagle 2000 GTX {Mitsubishi Galant}. It has 260000 Km, runs well and is reliable

We have had some problems- transmission overhauled at 150000Km, fuel tank rusting at fuel pump {2 changed}.Replaced radiator for first time, last month.

My wife loves driving it, and is happy to keep it until it dies.

4th Dec 2008, 13:28

I wish there was an engine manual for trouble shooting the 2 litre DOHC engine. Currently nobody here knows much about the 91 Eagle GTX 2000's desire to idle at 3000 rpm and overheat, but it is probably something simple like the throttle body or some valve on it, anyone have any ideas?

17th Jan 2010, 20:31

I have just bought a 91 Eagle 2000 GTX AWD for 500 dollars. It is nearly mint, but has a cracked manifold and 215000km. I love it, it goes like stink and seems to be very reliable. I have 2000km on it since I have owned it. It's great.

5th Jun 2010, 20:04

I bought a Black 1989 Dodge/Chrysler 2000GTX for $600.00 in 2004 (LOL) from a friend. The mileage now is 218,000K - this is a dream car made in those days - I love this car, the dash, interior, all the electronically stuff still works, the engine is powerful in those days/and still is. Hardly any rust - I see just a few at the door, the only thing - it leaks some oil - have to clean the engine. I have always have problem - because no one really knows this mystery car. It is not registered in most books.

As I look at everyone driving on the street - I felt kinda special - cos my car is one of a kind. No one drives a 89 Dodge 2000GTX. Mine is unique, wish I can get a new one just like this. I saw no one on the road with this car.

OK. These days I don't go on the highway with it. Another issue, it will not accelerate going up hills. Amazing car!. I can afford a good used car again - but I do not want to part with this - unless if the engine dies or if I have to pay more than $600.00 for repairs.

Problem today:

Today, I am seeing the back bumper rod is rusted over, took it to the mechanic, he said, I would need a "rear rod" to hold the bumper. Don't know how this can be fixed.

I am afraid for the mechanic to put it up on the hoist.

Overall this is a great car - well made, well deserved - not bad for a 21 year old collector. (The history behind this car is interesting too). It was not allowed to be sold in Canada etc..

Any suggestion how to fix this back bumper?

17th Jun 2010, 20:54

Two years ago I bought a 1991 Eagle 2000 GTX because it has AWD. That year we set a snowfall record; the car wouldn't spin the tires while weaving through stranded four wheel drives stuck on the hills.

It needed a new CV joint for the drivers side, $145.

It's double overhead cam engine probably needs a new TPS, because the new closed throttle switch kit didn't stop the engine from revving up to three thousand rpm's parked with the clutch in or in neutral. As soon as you release the clutch, the rpm doesn't rev up & down around 3000 rpm, hard to describe. It is embarrassing whenever a police car pulls up beside me at a light; 800 rpms is the lowest rpm, & it will not race up to 3000 rpm once the light goes green & I let the clutch out. Can't find a throttle position sensor for this rare bird - help!

14th Jul 2010, 20:23

No one is answering to any comments... why so?

18th Jul 2011, 14:42

It is a rare car, e-bay offers lots of parts for these awesome rides.

11th Dec 2011, 02:57

I own a Canadian made, Eagle GTX 2000 (FWD) vehicle.

It has served me well for almost 16 years as a used vehicle.

It rides well and outperforms new vehicles in snowy conditions. Great town vehicle... fast enough for most roads and main highways...

I have had the engine rebuilt... (2010), radiator replaced, muffler repaired, replaced water pump, power steering pump, headlamp connector, all 4 shocks, solenoid-starter, alternator, O2, fuel pump (in tank), fuel filter, timing belt (twice within the regular turn around time), one injector, and one computer replaced (a mechanic burned out the first one doing a pin test incorrectly)... and some repainting of doors and panels...

All of the above was done within a 10 year period with low labour, because some I did myself and some by an auto shop, and some by mechanic friends.

General repairs and maintenance are easy on this vehicle. The bigger stuff is harder, because some parts are hard to get at without taking out many other small parts.

Right now, I have an unknown low spark ignition problem to be solved... Might be the ignition coil or power transistor, or a ground wire loose... Soon to find out.

Overall... we love this little 4 door sedan...

It is almost a collector now... so.. finding parts requires vigilance and determination, and often photos to make sure the suppliers match parts properly with numbers.

The rotor is easy to replace... but a photo for rotor and cap is essential at every autoparts store.

25th Aug 2015, 18:23

Shocked you had trouble. I've had three, and the 1991 still runs great with ice cold air conditioning.