17th May 2008, 15:03

Well, I understand your hatred for Eagle Talons.. Well not really understand, but comprehend.

I own a 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. I've launched my car at 6-7k, about.. 20 times, since I've owned it.

It's got 140,000 kilometres.. its interior isn't too comfy for rear passengers, but I find it comfortable, for me and one friend. or my girlfriend.

I beat Mustangs without launching.. and I'm not modded.

10th May 2009, 11:52

1.) You bought a car that was a conglomeration of many DSM parts, most likely put together by someone who had NO IDEA what they were doing. What did you expect?

2.) I've owned several AWD DSM and have launched them dozens of times with no ill effects. If you can't take a RWD car of equal power with a AWD platform, you really need to learn how to drive.

3.) If you don't know how to perform general maintenance, you shouldn't even be looking at DSM's. Wait actually you should, then I can purchase the car for next to nothing and get it running.

4.) As far as weak components? Yeah, I've dyno'd 450whp on these "inferior quality" drive trains, and have seen numerous times at the track.

5.) Eclipse's, Talon's and Lasers are identical cars, only differences are minor body details and badging.

6.) These cars are only as reliable as you make them. I've had numerous 350-450 wheel horsepower cars that were daily driven. You want a car that you only fill up with gas and neglect and still run half decent? Buy a Honda. Want comfort? Buy a Audi. They were made to be the best bang for the buck performance wise as possible.

6th Jul 2009, 22:36

I have a daily driven 11.0 sec 1990 Eagle Talon AWD with 200,000 miles, and it runs perfect. The way of DSM isn't for every one. The car picks the driver, not the other way around. There are more DSM's driving around than you think. You just have to have patience and use the right parts; cheap parts will never last.

26th Jul 2009, 21:49

Wow... WOW!!! OK, here I go.

1) Fuel cut at 5K RPM? Would you not have to be upping the stock PSI to reach fuel cut? And if it is the stock setting, would that not mean an injector or fuel pump issue? Check the 20 year old parts and replace as needed; it's routine maintenance

(Man I hate these inferior laminate shingles on my roof, they were installed 50 years ago and they're leaking everywhere). 50 year old shingles don't work and 20 year old car parts need replacing too.

2) Interior plastic buzzes... Replace the broken clips that probably got broken by some Honda loving idiot trying to run the wires for his amp and under dash LED's; 5 cents each.

3) Leaks fluid everywhere... Replace seals as needed. Again, 20 year old cars need routine maintenance.

I will give you that there are flaws from the factory, like using inferior caps in the engine's computer that are prone to leaking and shorting the board, but that is rectified by simply soldering new caps in place. They also have no space in the engine compartment to work on anything, and maintenance can be a pain, but if you think you can buy a 20 year old car that was most likely abused by the previous owner, and not have any issues, you were sorely mistaken.

Do not try to tell the readers of this review that your 240 has had absolutely no problems without routine maintenance, because that would be very unlikely. I have owned a 240, and they also need constant service like the 92 TSi I own, but of the 2 cars, the Talon is the better all around car; not just speed and handling, but reliability when routine maintenance is not ignored or put off. Let's compare the 240sx to the Talon/Eclipse/Laser.





Proper maintenance requires checking your VIN # for outstanding recalls and free stuff LOL.

Talon: (let's not compare turbo to non, that's just not fair LOL)

DOHC 2.0L 4cyl non turbo 135HP 125TORQUE

5-Speed 22MPG City 29MPG HWY.


OHC 2.4L 4cyl 140HP 152TORQUE

5-speed manual: 20MPG City 27MPG HWY.

Damn there's one for the 240SX, but then you have the "crappy fuel mileage" you talked about.

I don't know about you, but it looks like the Talon gets better mileage when it's non turbo vs non turbo, and if you look at the turbo it becomes.

240SX 20/27

TSI Talon 21/28.

HOLY CRAP, THEY'RE ALMOST THE SAME!!! But the DSM wins again; sorry about that.

Consumer guide rating?

240SX 42/100

Talon 46/100

Sorry man, it does not look good for the 240sx.

16th Aug 2009, 22:43

Try looking at car and driver's top ten list from 90-92 the eagle talon tsi was in the top 3 every year for 3 years 90, 91, 92. In 91 it took 1st for cars 40,000 and under... I like everything about the talon and I have owned 4... And still have 2... I wish I did not sell the other 2...

26th Aug 2009, 06:12

Personally you all have valid points, but you get what you buy. I drive a 92 300zx n/a. It's fast as all hell, easy to get sideways in and all that, but so is the Talon right. Both cars are gonna need maintenance considering age and what 16 yr old kid drove it like a FORD, and now its tattered contents are strewn across town. Go out find new parts and rebuild/replace what you need to and be done with it. Keep an eye on parts or seals or leaks and fix as needed. then wait. If it continues then you bought a piece of crap.

I'm about trade my 300zx for a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. It was dyno-ed at 490hp with 30lb of boost. DSM or not it's damn fast and I'm happy with it.

BTW have fun with the 240. At least drop an SR20 or an RB motor into it and try to keep up.

3rd Sep 2009, 03:42

Ones again it looks like DSM takes the win again. People try to put us down with the stupid jokes, most common "they're fun to drive when they're not broken", but what happens when you build any car for the track or any kind of racing where it takes a beating daily... IT BREAKS... it doesn't matter what kind of car it is, it's gonna break. I couldn't tell you how many people I know that switch over to DSMs, who tell me if they're such crappy cars, why do so many people drive them. answer that. And also answer this; how many 240s do you see in the low 7sec bracket, because I haven't seen any.

12th Sep 2009, 23:56

DSMs are the perfect street car. Enough said. Obviously is gonna need some new parts, but once those are in, good luck finding a car that can keep up with the Talon.

6th Dec 2009, 13:21

If you buy a DSM one make the TIMING BELT your first repair!

I've owned a 1990 Talon AWD TSi for eight years now. It has over 195K miles on the clock and I have, over that time, rebuilt and or upgraded most of the systems on the vehicle.

It gets 22-23 mpg around town and 26-28 on the highway.

The engine has an aftermarket camshaft for more power and a larger turbo. It now approaches 400 horsepower and is the most amazing street car I have driven since I started driving in 1968.

No newbie to fast cars, I've had V8 Chevelles, Vegas and Monzas, and a 'Little Red Express' Dodge truck that could fly like the Dukes of Hazzard boys do and land softer than a Cessna. The Talon wins over them all due to the 0-60 time in the 4 second range. Also due to the 11 sec 1/4 mile times and the associated 120 mile per hour trap speeds, not to mention a top speed well in excess of 155MPH.

The car now has 'coil over' suspension on all four corners and handles like it's on rails on its 18" wheels with 'V' speed rated (186mph) Toyo's. It can pull over 1.2Gs on the skidpad, all verified with a Performance Meter.

Would it be a great all around city & country daily driver / hot rod without all those upgrades and rebuilds?

No! At 20 years it needed just dang near EVERYTHING. That should bring NO SHAME. These things,(especially the AWD Tsi models) were all "run hard & put away wet" just like the musclecars of the 60's were. In 1979 you'd find 1960's 396ci Camaros for CHEAP.

But ask yourself: if way back in 1980 you would have bought a 409ci Chevy Impala 4 speed for 5-600 bucks, would it have been a good deal? Sure would have. Restored they bring 90K today. I bought this thing for $1700 & have around 12K in it now after 8 years. New price was 17K out the door.

And no. It ISN'T for sale... at ANY price.

Why not? It's just too much dang FUN! I couldn't buy (for what I have in it) a faster, quicker, or better handling car at ANY price less than TRIPLE the amount that I have in it now. The Mustangs HATE me... my last victim was a new (call it 'FULL PAYMENTS') Challenger Hemi who was so upset about it he refused to speak to me afterwards. The stock Dodges can (just) keep up with mostly stock DSM's, by the way.

These things will be a 1990 equivalent to the 1970's Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, Dodge Dusters, etc. These are the real musclecars of their times... just wait & see.

I guarantee it.