25th Feb 2010, 21:20

I have a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, and love this car more than anything in the world. I smoke 240SX from the line, pull on Mustangs half way down the road, and lose to Subarus... but their Subaru costs 3 to 4 times as much as my Talon, and I'm still riding in a stocker Talon.

14th Jul 2010, 06:30

Wow! Really? Why insult a car that never had its maintenance work done correctly. Simple as that. Why complain about a car you did not research enough before you bought it? I myself own a 1991 Talon that's in the 400 range and runs 11's in the quarter, and it never gives me any problems. But on the other hand I always keep my maintenance up.

24th Apr 2011, 14:47

Just want to say to everyone saying they beat Mustangs... you're racing a car that weighs 3k lbs more than you. Expect to beat it, seeing as I beat them in my Taurus SHO all day long, even with my automatic to their 5 speed from a dig, 20 roll, 40 roll, 100 roll, you name it.

25th Apr 2011, 12:00

A Mustang weighs 3,000 pounds more than a Talon? Yeah okay! That means the Talon weighs nothing as the Mustang weighs in right around 3K pounds! The Talon weighs 2,549 lbs... so not too much less. A better driver could take a Mustang off the line in a stock Talon. 0-60 was only about a tenth difference between the two cars with a slight edge to the Mustang.

The difference is the Mustang could drag race all day long, but the Talon would be blowing the turbo or the clutch after too many runs of giving it all its got. AWD systems are really hard on driveline components, as there is no wheel spin. This is primarily why the Talon is capable of 0-60 times in the 6.3 second range.

25th Apr 2011, 12:06

Wait, you beat what in your SHO? A Mustang? NEVER! The SHO with a 5-speed had a best time of 6.7 to 60 vs. 6.2 in the 5.0 Mustang. These were the earlier years from 89 to 92 on the SHO. If you have an AT, you are over 7 seconds to 60 stock. The only way you are beating a Mustang is if it is an AT or a lame driver with a 2.73 rear end 5-speed. SHO's were no match for me with my 5 liter Mustangs, and they were just on the list of every other sedan I wasted back in those days. They were a cool niche car that was fun to drive, but nothing a fast as a Mustang.

I almost traded one of my Mustangs for a mint '91 SHO with a 5-speed. It was quick, don't get me wrong, but it didn't feel as fast as my Mustang, and having raced enough of them, I knew it was slower.

23rd Feb 2016, 23:15

You have to align a rod thru the motor to align the oil pump or else there is too much pressure and oil leaks. Your idle is the idle speed motor. Mine doesn't have one noise and gets 30 MPG, and if I'm on the turbo at 100+, then down to 20.