6th Aug 2004, 21:55

Regarding the Greddy Turbo that was put into a 03 Civic Si which will beat a Talon TSI.

A regular 03 Civic Si: about $13000, a nice excellent condition 1990 talon TSI AWD: about $3500 if not less. Now with the $9500 difference, this talon can be SO customized, that the Civic will NOT know what went past it, even with NOS may not catch it, but remember, you;re still spending more and not getting much more. So the IDEA IS: With a TALON TSI AWD, you get Exhilarating performance for your money, and SAVE.

4th Jan 2006, 11:41

The Talon does run good against 5.0 stangs, but will not take the 87 to 93 lx 5.0's. I know this because I owned an 89 and 92 and raced both of these cars (both completely stock) against a few turbo Talons and although I give them much respect, they fall behind shortly after launch.

5th Jan 2006, 07:47

Who said anything about racing on public streets?

30th Apr 2007, 22:52

I am looking to get my first car, and I was looking at a talon tsi AWD, but I have been told they are not reliable cars, can anyone shed some light on this, I really need some help in knowing if I should get one.

22nd Jun 2007, 11:38

I was looking into getting one soon too, but all I've found is standard, I can drive standard, but I don't know when you should push the turbo on the car, my dad had one and it was auto, he said best around 60-100 km, is it different in standard?

22nd Aug 2007, 22:42

To the guy wondering how to drive a turbo manual car. If you are just driving to work shift around 3000rpm to avoid most the boost, and save gas. Some cocky guy pulls next to you shaking your windows with bass... shift around 6500. I don't know the specifics on the the talons power band or stock turbo numbers. But for most import turbos, keep the rpms above 3000 or 3500 and you'll be runnin full boost the whole time.

Now you need to learn to launch an AWD :)

20th Sep 2007, 01:45

Is the 1990 eagle talon tsi japanese or any of the car?