23rd Mar 2003, 19:38

I'm having a hard time with the wires on my car. When I turn on my lights the radio turns off. Some people say it's an open wire that's touching metal then I burn a fuse.

14th Jul 2003, 12:29

Yes I have a 1997 Eagle Talon ESI. After having an AEM intake,Greddy header and a cat-back exhaust put on, I was wondering what other mods to give a non-turbo the ability to smoke a turbo eclipse or talon? My goal is to have 300hp when I'am done.

2nd Apr 2004, 20:38

Just bought a 95 Talon TSI AWD W/47,000 miles. Now what? What are the first mods to make, bigger turbo? Chip? I always had muscle cars so I'm lost w/this rice burner.

29th May 2004, 22:57

Find porkchops and lay them across the hood.. it smells good after the turbo kicks in.

26th Jun 2004, 23:30

Help ME! My Talon has a light that came on, and I don't know what it means. It is a picture on the lower right of the dash, looks like a tank (gas) with black liquid in it. The light is orange. What does this mean (other than my car needs work)?

22nd Jul 2004, 20:43

I have recently purchased a used 1995 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD automatic. I have never owned a sporty car so I don't know anything about them. I love this car and would like some advice. The engine sounds loud to me? Is this normal? I have lots of random questions and would greatly appreciate someone with time and patience to give me some advise and ideas. I want to be the chick in town that has a cool car and knows how to take care of it herself.



6th Oct 2004, 12:53

The 420a being 9.6:1 compression ratio will decimate any 4g63 with 8.4:1 compression ratio simply by bolting on an aftermarket turbo from Hahn's Racecraft. They have a factory car on their website. It's a 1995 RS 420a with a stage 5 turbo upgrade and some internal mods with 900+ horse. Does the quarter in under 9 sec. For those who doubt me go to their website and see for yourself.

30th Nov 2004, 12:28

I've been reading this website for a while and have never seen comments on the 1996 TSI AWD turbo talon. Is there some reason this particular year is an outcast? I bought this particular year of talon new and have never had to repair anything other than a antifreeze leak. I did have the timing belt replaced at the same time (the car had 75000 miles at that time and now has 103000 miles). This has been a great car! I just wish there was a way to reduce the road noise!

27th Jan 2005, 11:47

I had a huge problem with my 95 talon awd tsi a few months ago. Each time I would stop at a light or stop sign, my car would stall! So, to fix this, I needed to buy a new idle speed motor. Boy, did that cost me! But it seemed to correct my problems, for the moment!

9th Feb 2005, 20:28

I have a big Ford truck and can't afford it, I have thousands of different vehicles in my head to get in my price range, but for some reason since say 92 I had a real attraction to eagle talons, I'm moving to a bigger city a want a nice sports car and I'm highly considering a 95 I found, but it's an esi I drive vehicles hard so.. and I live in a place with snow how are they in winter? can I drive it hard? and is it reliable to start at 20 below? and is it gonna cost me to fix it up a lot or should I just go with a different car?

10th Mar 2005, 20:06

I'm a proud owner of my 96 talon tsi, love it! Its been a little weird lately though. It's an automatic and I've treated is awesome, changing everything annually. lately it has been stalling. I'm not talking at a light or from a stand still. I'm talking about around corners. if I'm accelerating kinda hard around a corner, doesn't matter, does it left or right, it will kick on and off. its hard to explain, its like it dies momentarily, then as soon as it straightens out it will act normal again. what on earth is going on! is this what crank-walk is like in and automatic car? how much am I looking at spending to fix this? please email any info or comments! TALONtsi23@hotmail.com.

Thanks! fellow DSM tuner.

13th Jan 2006, 14:58

I have a 95 Eagle Talon AWD turbo and I just love this little car, it is fully loaded, but lately I have had the same trouble of stopping at a stop light and getting stalled and not being able to get it started. I had it towed and looked at and they told me the IAC motor is bad and it would cost me around $400.00 to fix, so I called around for the motor and it usually runs around $55.00 at Advance Auto Parts stores, just wanted to share this information with people who are having emmisson problems or idle problems with their Eagle Talon.

30th Jul 2006, 21:18

I have a 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. I love my car!!! Besides the little problems. So let's see what all has gone.

The chair broke. Got I new one for 50 bucks.

Turbo has gone out - still have to fix, but I'm getting a bigger one and a front mounted intercooler.

The driver's side headlight got moisture in it.

Otherwise it's been an awesome car. For being stock it's fast. I beat a built up fox body Mustang. You just can't go wrong with the TSI AWD model. AWESOME CAR!!!

15th Aug 2006, 23:14

I have a 1995 eagle talon esi and I want to know if I can slap on a turbo or do I have to change stuff around in the motor.

22nd Aug 2006, 09:32

I just reviewed the problems and comments and I had the same problem with my 1995 Eagle Tsi Turbo.

Every time I pull up to a stop light or a stop sign and put my clutch in, my car stalls.

It runs great other than this? What do you think it could be?

The other person made mention of an idle switch? I have a mechanic, but how much does the part run alone?

It only stalls when the clutch is in. The RPM's drop to 0 or 100, but it will start right back up and I have to power break to keep it running?

Any help??

27th Sep 2006, 02:26

Any question you may have about the 2nd generation Talons can most likely be answered at the website 2gnt.com. Those guys there have been through it all, from turboing the 420a, to making the most without turboing. Check them out!!

30th Sep 2006, 20:55

I took a '95 Talon AWD TSi Turbo for a test drive today at the dealership. I'd barely put 70 kilometers on it and suddenly there was a loud BANG and a lot of smoke and the engine started labouring hard. I pulled off into the shoulder and it started making a horrible grinding noise and then all 4 wheels locked up in the gravel. The engine however still ran fine.

Pretty sad to have to hitch a ride back to the dealership and tell them their car is dead on the side of the road. All wheels were locked! I tried gently to let the clutch out and roll slowly ahead, but no dice.

I like them, but are they that prone to failure??? This car had 154,000 kms on it. I was about to buy it until that happened!!