6th Oct 2005, 02:14

I agree. Talons are fast, but you have to remember, there is a bit of a turbo lag, and they are just a four cylinder. don't get me wrong I like talons, but try driving some other cars a broaden your horizons.

19th Oct 2005, 09:36

I own a 1990 Laser RS (Sister to Talon).

With some simple mods this car can beat almost any stock car priced under $40,000 (leaves out vettes, etc)

Some people have trouble with turbo lag.

Simple solution when racing is to make sure your RPM's are over 3000 at all times.

This car is simply the best bang for the buck and one of the easiest to upgrade.

If you have a chance to buy one do it, but remember with a cheap high performance car comes maintenance.

22nd Dec 2005, 14:51

I own a 1991 TSI FWD that is extremely fast. It has a 16 big turbo, 2.5 turbo back exhaust an a k&n. Caviliers are by far my favorite to smoke. Allthough GT mustangs do give up a good fight when its dry, when its wet a geo metro could blow my doors of.

If you have a chance to buy one, replace the timing belt and cams, it will save you in the long run.

Oh yea, I have driven this car from 65,000 to where it is now 104,000 with out a single problem except for replacing front tires.

17th Aug 2006, 20:39

Sorry, a Cavalier didn't beat a awd turbo Talon. Maybe you passed him around town or something?

26th Aug 2006, 14:10

It doesn't count if he is in the turn lane and you passed him. Save your money and stop wasting it on that car.

2nd Sep 2006, 12:32

I am looking into buying a 91 Talon TSi all wheel drive turbo 5 speed, but I need to get a new engine for it. I am not sure as to what engines I can put into it though. I don't necessarily need the "best" engine, but the most important thing is that it runs. This might be a stupid question too, but when I called around trying to find an engine, they asked me what series it was (like a 2000 series) and I have no idea. I doubt the owner of the car knows either. If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

21st Dec 2008, 18:34

I'm 16 and I own a 1991 AWD turbo Talon. I have put about 2000 into it, mostly looks, and I don't know what you guys are smokin, but I killed my buddies 1999 Mustang and he put like 5000 into his tires, rims, body kit, spoiler, lower kit, ecu chip, intercooler, manifold lots.