11th Aug 2003, 12:49

The proper way to launch an AWD Tsi is to hold the RPM at ~4500 with the clutch in. Then let off the clutch just as fast as you floor the gas pedal.

9th Mar 2004, 14:32

Yes you can probably find a Talon Turbo AWD for about $3000. Could it break down the next day? It is possible. It depends on how well the car was maintained before you bought it, and some luck too ;)

Yes the turbo does make that cool sound.

For more info go to:


Good luck.

14th Oct 2007, 21:08

Your drive shaft bearings are worn out, that's why it makes a rattling sound, mine does the same thing, for now.

3rd Jan 2008, 23:22

I have a question about the year, also in regard 1g-2g. Which car do you think is better, Eagle Talon TSI AWD 90-95 or the 95-98. I enjoy the look of the 95-98 a lot better, but I was under the impression, the earlier models have more potential and set more drag strip records.. any feedback would be great.

24th Feb 2008, 15:13

Cheers people.

I own a 1991 TSI AWD turbo and I must say this is the best car I've ever owned. Still have it to this day; mint condition, only 130,000km. I never had any problems. It is a fast & nice looking car.

Treat them well people, no abuse.

13th Apr 2008, 09:42

I am looking for a eagle talon tsi. I don't really care if it is awd or not. I only have about $3000 or less to spend on a car right now, and was looking for a fast small car like the talon. If someone could post an answer to this I would be happy.

4th May 2008, 06:59

I could sell my 1992 Eagle Talon TSi, but it isn't gonna be 3000 dollars. I will settle for 4500. It's AWD and built!!

19th May 2008, 11:02

I'm a proud owner of a 92 Eagle Talon, and I love to race. Well if you got any tips on where I could race, hit me up at naptown53@yahoo.com L8ER mking.

15th Sep 2008, 20:29

I just bought a 1991 Eagle Talon TSI. I got it for a great price because it was having acceleration problems. It runs great, but on the get go, it barely creeps along. It take a few seconds to get the speed up, but once you hit about 35, it takes off. Any ideas where to start? I replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter and put a new battery in. The boost gage is working and a car shop told me that as long as the boost gage was working, my turbo should be working as well. Please email me at c4brandy@yahoo.com with any suggestions.



29th Jan 2009, 19:45

I've got a fully rebuilt Eagle Talon and it is hard to get running, but when it starts it jugs and smokes white smoke. I know it's running rich, but don't know where to start.

6th Dec 2009, 03:09

OK, so this guy has a 92 Talon TSi AWD, and he said when he lets off the clutch, it grinds. He wants to trade me my 88GXS 1100 street bike, retail value 2,000. How much would it cost me to fix? He said a guy said it needs to be sync linked. I don't have a lot of money to throw in it, and I don't find the need to; I already have a nice car, just would like to pick up something for a winter project.