1997 Eagle Vision ESi 3.5 24-Valve V6 from North America


An excellent buy that will last me a long time


At 124,000 miles, the timing belt and water pump were replaced. Shortly afterward, the new fuel pump broke, snapping the timing belt. The engine still ran with no valve damage as soon as the repair shop replaced it free of charge.

General Comments:

Although the gas mileage could be better, I wouldn't trade the engine's performance. It has been nothing but good to me for the years I have owned it.

The front bumper held up extremely well after sliding into another car when it was on black ice. The same couldn't be said for the other vehicle. All that needed fixed was the license plate holder.

A few on the interior parts are starting to show their age, like the passenger side sun visor, the door handles, and the HUD lights. The car still has on its original paint job, which can be mistaken for being overly well kept, although I probably don't do enough for it.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2010

1997 Eagle Vision ESi 3.5L from North America


The windshield wiper power arm went out during a rain storm.

The water pumps on these cars seem to have issues and need to be changed about every 35,000. This can be expensive, but it also forces you not to forget about changing out your timing belt... so, all in all, it's not so bad.

Recalls include a fuel rails leaking and the shifter being able to be moved without key in ignition.

There is a defect in the No.6 cylinder which is a design flaw regarding the seals. This was about a $350 repair, but has been fine since.

General Comments:

I really love this car. It rides great and has good power... especially if yo drop it into 3rd, which you can do at any speed.

The ride is really stable and safe feeling. It corners great for such a big car and has plenty of room for the six footers of the world.

Overall, it's been a great value and they sell cheap used, but the prices have been going up lately.

I'd by this car again.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005

10th Nov 2005, 06:54

I was given my '97 vision from my brother. The engine had run hot when my brother owned it, from the water pump failing, and quit running all together. I bought another used engine '97 Vision engine (3.5L) and installed it myself. The engine is running great and averages about 27 miles per gallon - great fuel mileage for such a big car that is 8 years old. I have had to replace the struts, inner and outer tie rods, one brake caliper, front rotor discs, and front wheel bearings. It rides as smooth as any new car. Keep in mind that this car sat in an open yard for about a year and a half when I got it. I have $2300 in this car, not bad considering I got the car for free. Since replacing all of the worn parts, I have put 20,000 miles on it and it hasn't given me one problem. If it is maintained regularly, it will last for a long time. Great car.

1997 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L 24-valve from North America


Excellent value: performance and cost; I'd buy this again


Air conditioner belt kept jumping the alternator belt off, so I removed it.

Electrical system for gauges sometimes does not work (may be a loose wire), but this does not inhibit the car's performance.

Engine intake gasket blew out and created poor gas mileage, so I had it replaced.

Seems to go through ball joints.

General Comments:

I LOVE this car! I bought it at an auction for $750 and put in balls joints and tires. Even with 192k miles on it (now) : I get 28mpg highway/18 city, pickup is excellent, cruises (cruise control) on highways at 80mph without a problem (and picks up easily for passing gear), excellent cornering, engine and transmission are strong, interior looks brand new, stereo (Infinity system) is fabulous. I am actively looking for another Eagle Vision to add life to this one.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2004