27th Dec 2002, 14:13

I own a 96 Eagle Vision TSI. I have just gone through all of the same problems. Power Steering Pump, Water Pump, Coolant Leaks, etc... The car has 52,000 miles on it, so it's pretty disturbing that this happened on such low miles. Luckily, the warranty I purchased covered most of the $1,800 in repairs. The car is back in the shop for everything that could possibly go wrong with the front end. Wheel Bearings, tie rods, bushings, etc... I think this will be around $1,000 in repairs. They are also fixing the fuel rails (recall) for the 2nd time. All of this has happened in the last month. Hopefully, this is the end of the repairs because I have only 20 miles left on my warranty. Otherwise, I love the car!!

8th Jan 2003, 18:28

It has been 3 1/2 months since I bought the 1995 Eagle Vision in this review. After the dealer diagnosis, I had all the needed work done at non-dealer shops. One extremely serious issue came up during the repairs: Chrysler Factory Part Number 1-05072586AA (Eagle Vision), inner tie rod rubber bushings (to steering rack) are "no longer available in the OEM part." What the dealer parts departments have is an "improved version" with smaller bolt heads (for easier access) and rubber bushings that are approximately 1/4" TOO NARROW in depth! The first non-dealer shop refused to install them and suggested that they were for the Eagle Talon or some other vehicle than the Eagle Vision. I couldn't believe it so I bought a second set (non-factory this time) from an auto parts store and they were the SAME exact, ill-fitting thing! I found a small garage that was willing to "attempt" to press the bushings into the rod ends to produce a makeshift, jury-rigged tie rod assembly! If I have and accident as a result of this, guess what company will get sued? If you have and Eagle Vision and are planning to replace the inner tie rod bushings, it would be prudent to consult with your mechanic before he does the work. If anyone knows the Chrysler email or address where I can complain about this dangerous factory part and serious safety issue, please post it here.