1995 Eagle Vision ESI 3.3L from North America


Heavy car. Big engine. Lot of room. SLOW


The battery and alternator died at like 210 000; 300$ to repair. I consider this cheap.

Previous owner changed the power steering for one grand.

General Comments:

Man, this thing is still living. Drives great, not very sporty, but it's not meant to be.

The 3.3L gives it a good amount of torque and high speed possibilities. Although, it's a bit boring to drive, since no manual transmission was made for this car.

Really wish I had the TSi version.

Bought it for 100$. Cost me 300$ in repairs, why would I be complaining (if we forget about that not so efficient 12-13L/100km)?

Lots of room inside of it, and it gets warm real quickly, even if it's like -30 degrees outside.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2011

1995 Eagle Vision ESI 3.3L from North America


Best value car I've ever had since 1963


Replaced front struts at 90,000.

Replaced front rotor at 90,000.

Replaced brakes as needed.

Replaced fuel pump at 110,000.

Replaced rear shocks at 130,000.

Replaced driver seat (original broke seat back bracket after lending car to a chubby friend)

At 60,000 the power steering pump started to leak. Still leaking, I just keep it full as needed.

General Comments:

Actually this car has by far exceeded any car repair I've had on any car - trust me we don't baby it. Hitting 200,000 and the transmission is finally starting to act a tad off.

It handles fine, and has plenty of power for a 3.3L (the kicker is the 3.3L has a timing chain instead of a belt, and so far the tensioner on it has maintained it well).

If you're looking for a used one - pick a 3.3L instead of the trouble prone 3.5L.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2009

1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L from North America


Decent car in its day


For those that have issues with their Eagle Visions, here are some cheap fixes to look at.

NOT SHIFTING: Replace output and input speed sensors. When they go bad, it won't let the car shift beyond 2nd gear. You might notice in some cases your speedo won't work. They are easy to fix yourself and can get them from the dealer for around $20.00.

SURGING or MISS: EGR valves go out often on these cars. Another easy to fix yourself solution. Also O2 sensors will make them run poorly. There are 4 on this car, and normally the ones above the catlytic converter cause issues.

ELECTRICAL issues: Check connection box under hood on passenger side of car. They really blundered on this design. Wire connectors come loose and can cause all kinds of electrical problems.

CAR STARTS THEN DIES OUT: If you have a keyless entry check your battery. These cars have security/theft systems. If you unlock the car without the keyless entry, the car will start and shutoff.

Hope these tips help. I've done TONS of research on my 95 TSi and saved myself thousands by doing it myself.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2009

1995 Eagle Vision TSi from North America


Not excellent, just a little short, but I look forward to keeping it another 10 years


The overall two most consistent problems I have had with this car have been the transmission and the tie rods. Both fail continuously.

I purchased the car as NEW. It was a dealer model and had only 2200 miles. Right before the warranty expired, the transmission started acting up. The dealer insisted there was no problem as it never occurred when in their shop. I happen to be fortunate to live in an area where some of the vintage NASCAR drivers have shops, and took it to an extremely reliable shop I have used for the past 30 years. They discovered the problem immediately, and I took it back to the dealer who then fixed the O rings under warranty. The transmission has been fixed at least 3 more times.

The tie rods fail about every 3 years, and I am told it is just a design flaw.

General Comments:

Overall the car has incredible styling, and after owning it for 14 years, I still have love it. The ride is impeccable. The comfort is extremely nice. Much better than my Jaguar.

To be quite honest, I prefer driving it over the Jaguar. The handling of the car suits me better. But be prepared for transmission problems and the tie rods.

The only other annoyance has been the brake lights stopped working, but that has been since it reached around 200,000 miles.

The seat motor is beginning to struggle moving forward/backward.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2009