1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L from North America


If I can get the problem fixed without killing my bank account, I am extremely satisfied with it


I just got the car a month ago. I love it, but a week ago, it began stalling often. Every time I come to a stop sign, stop light or go to turn a corner (slowing down of course), it stalls out.

I find the thermostat goes from cold to half way to hot very quickly. I live in the city where there are a lot of intersections to stop at on the 10 minute drive to work. The people who owned it before me lived out in the country.

The LED display for the compact disc player/radio, has been gone for a while, even when the previous owners had it.

I find the gas pedal very touchy & powerful. It's hard to find a happy medium.

General Comments:

I love the car, but I'm concerned about the cost of fixing the problem, whatever it may be.

It handles well and it picks up speed quickly which is nice when you're out on the highway.

It's quite comfortable and roomy. The leather seats are excellent for cleaning, when you have children.

It's rusting out on the back panel of the trunk.

I'm happy with all of the perks, power everything, auto start, theft device etc.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2001

14th Apr 2001, 00:50

I have owned two Eagle Vision TSI's, a '93 and now a '94, on both the water pumps have failed. This is observed when the car stalls out after the temperature gauge reaches a certain point, and the car overheats.

23rd Jul 2001, 06:14

I have the same problem with my Vision TSI... it stalls when hot. How did you fix it - what was wrong?


1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5 Liter 24-Valve SOHC V6 from North America


Overall, the Vision TSi is a performance-oriented, fun daily driver - with styling to flaunt it


The air conditioning systems on these cars have been subject to a lot of criticism, however when I purchased the car, only adding R134a refrigerant made it snap on again and work fine. It has problems staying cool in temperatures above 85 degrees, though.

Drivers-express down window doesn't automatically go down anymore, more than a switch-issue.

Sloppy front suspension - bushings need replacing more often than usual - this thing is terrible over speed bumps.

Reverberating tire noise, after going from ultra high-performance tires to softer riding Toyo Spectrum 225 60TR16's it's still there. May have something to do with problems with the bushings.

Paint is fading on the driver's door moulding trim (This is the second time after I've already repainted it with $8/can Chrysler paint).

My Infinity CD deck LED has gone out too! No clock, station, or other lights.

Fuel consumption is quite poor, but my K&N filter didn't help or hurt it either.

General Comments:

Automatic transmission has performed beautifully to date, and was regularly serviced before I purchased it. Only use Mopar ATF +3 when changing the fluid and filter if you want it to last. I'm expecting it to fail anytime with nearly 100,000 trouble-free miles on it already. Make sure you change ATF once a year or every 15,000 miles, why take a chance?

The performance of this large a car is amazing. Put a conical K&N air filter and took out the air box-significant, horsepower gain noted.

Traction control - a plus! ABS works excellently!

The leather seats wear excellently and were very comfortable on flawless 3,500 mile trip to SoCal/Las Vegas from Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2000.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2001

20th Oct 2004, 20:47

The LED display issue is a comon problem with all Eagle visions after they get some miles on them. In cold weather especially, the LED seems to not kick on when the radio is turned on. My vision did the same thing, but I found a simple way to counter the problem. In the cold nights, leave the radio on when you turn the car off, this seems to kick the LED light on each time you start the car off, oppose to if you turned off the stereo before turning off the car. Hope this helps like it did for myself.

1995 Eagle Vision TSi from North America


3.5 24 valve engine is the best V-6 I've ever had in 30 years of driving


Water pump started to leak coolant at about 45000 miles. Repaired under the warranty.

General Comments:

Strong engine, some road noise, fun to drive by others.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2000

15th Aug 2005, 10:46

I an driving my second 95' Vision TSI, the first one has 145,000 miles and still going. My "new" one has 75,000 and I think this is the best V-6 every made.