1995 Eagle Vision TSI from North America


Love this car!!


I have had to replace the water pump every 3 years in this car, but other than that, this has been a wonderful car!!! I still own it and still love it!!!

General Comments:

This car is really comfortable, and I love the built in car seat!!!

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Review Date: 14th January, 2008

1995 Eagle Vision Tsi 3.5 V6 24Valve from North America


Flush and close the lid


Exhaust system was trouble free.

Same for an excellent infinity sound system.

Everything else was not. Where do I start? 12 different engine trouble codes in 50 000 kms. ABS sensors. Cat, 2 AC compressors, evaporator, wheel bearings, shocks, springs. Climate control only blows HOT, but it is only $ 2000 to fix. I spent thousands trying to fix engine - can't - STRONG SMELL OF GAS, nobody can trace where it is coming from. Idle is rough and it is not Idle ctrl valve, no mechanic is sure what causes it. Interior plastics horrible quality, everything grey, paint wearing out on some stalks, etc.. Plastic panels don't match, gaps, etc... Wheels corroded, line of rust on the trunk lid. Front fenders are plastic, other panels metal, do there are HUGE gaps in between. Steering wheel squeals loud when cold. Did I mention that transmission failed at 90 000 miles / 150 000 kms? Rear suspension COLLAPSED recently, requiring townig, shocks, springs, 1 tire...$ 1 000. Enough. Car sold for $ 1000, I feel I have been liberated.

General Comments:

This car is a rolling (when not in the shop) testament to why big three is in so much trouble. Well designed, comfortable, pretty good looking, good handling, but HORRIBLY executed. Every part on that car screams cheap and then breaks down. You feel cheated that you are paying thousands for an unreliable piece of crap.

What is detroit doing to improve their cars? Massive layoffs (60 000) and shifting production to Mexico. As GM Ford Chrysler are moving out, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, etc are opening plants in North America. Support American workers, buy a Honda! How ironic!

Just bought 1993 BMW 525iT, original everything, feels 90 % new, runs 100% new. Broken on board computer and 1 power lock, bought both on ebay for $ 75. Why did I even bother with Chrysler?

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Review Date: 18th March, 2006

5th Apr 2006, 17:31

Chrysler is 100% owned by Daimler Benz, a German automaker, that's why their cars are better now than the Eagle you bought. Also gas odor often comes from 2 main areas: around the injectors where rubber O-rings are used or you can have an exhaust leak under the hood, where it will seem like pure gasoline in odor.

1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.8 V6 from North America


It saved my life


The front tire came through the floorboard in a accident, crushed both my legs.

General Comments:

Great family car.

Very roomy.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

25th Apr 2005, 13:51

Well, OK, so your legs got crushed when the tire came through the floorboard.

How did that save your life?

25th Apr 2005, 15:15

While I am glad you are still with us, could you please elaborate on how this car saved your life? I personally don't consider having my legs crushed as a positive event.

1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L V6 from North America


Wonderful car, with a few problem spots, but worth keeping


Air conditioning control panel seems to like to jump to Air Conditioner and Front Window Defroster at the same time, then get stuck in this position. Occasionally it will correct itself, other times hitting the side of the console will fix it. Still not sure how to fix this, or if it's just a wiring fault in the control unit.

Transmission seemed to slip a lot since I got it, and shudder with intensity recently. I took it in and had the fluid checked and completely replaced. It turns out the previous owner kept using Dexron instead of Mopar. There was no actual damage to the transmission, (The filter was clean), and the new fluid should correct this problem.

Headlight knob can be pulled off, so turning on fog lights is a challenge. Also, fog light replacement light enclosers are impossible to find, mine are scratched and need replacing.

Lots of noise when running auxilary cables to an amplifier, tried using noise filters, but still no correction, not sure if it's a ground issue or if other things are grounded near that point in the frame.

Since purchase, the drivetrain has been off. The steering wheel needs to be angled at nearly a 10 degree angle to the left for the car to go straight.

Front bearings wear out a lot sooner than in other cars. When this occurs, the entire wheel base shimmies.

Engine mounts broke after 120,000 miles. Replaced.

General Comments:

Though the car might be having problems at the moment, I do have to state the engine has been running extremely well, and has no audible ticks - even after the timing belt snapped. (Eagle made the pistons with a indented top to keep the pistons from ramming into the valves, saving the engine from a rebuild).

The interior of the car is wonderful, and very comfortable. I have the fabric interior, and prefer it over leather. There are things that need to be fixed, but those are not problems that involve the car itself, but rather from the previous owner, who, having been a smoker, burned the material in one spot. I will try to get this fixed.

The car can withstand impacts. I was sideswiped at a decent speed, and it didn't damage any main components or break the window. The cost to repair is nearly 2,000 though, the damage is quite aesthetic displeasing, I will get this fixed later.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005

7th May 2005, 18:27

Where did you run the battery wire for the AMP? Did you have to drill a new hole through the firewall? Any suggestions appreciated at med41780@aol.com.