1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L from North America


A bargain at the lot, but not at the service garage


Wheel hub broken at 120000 miles

Fuel rails replaced at 125000 miles

Rack and pinion replaced at 127000 miles

Transmission replaced at 128000 miles

Manifold absolute pressure sensor replaced at 136000 miles

Control module (PCM) replaced at 136000 miles

Struts replaced at 137000 miles (replaced at 120000 also)

LCD display on Infinity CD/Radio stopped working at 135000 miles

Both front door seals wearing poorly

Driver's side power window motor stops half way down and must be manually assisted to lower completely

Undetermined problem with hesitation upon acceleration at 137000 miles (Dealer looked at, but was unable to reproduce problem after 1st day)

All instruments in gauge cluster will cut out in humid weather (will usually start to work again if you hit the left side of the dashboard hard)

General Comments:

This was a wonderful for car for the first year and half I owned it. For the past year and a half I have literally paid for it again in repairs. I refuse to even look at another American car. My past three cars have been a Ford, a Chevrolet and this Chrysler product. I am very kind to my cars and take immaculate care of them, but these 3 vehicle have left me envious of friends with reliable imports.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2002

5th Aug 2003, 12:42

I totally agree with your review. I had a 1995 and it was the biggest piece of junk. I'm glad to see someone else had the same problems or just problems period. This was the worst vehicle I ever owned.

10th May 2006, 12:22

We recently bought a 1995 Eagle Vision TSI and the check engine light started coming on and a few weeks later, as you are driving the car, accelerating or going at a steady speed, the car starts 'bucking' and almost shutting off, but doesn't. We took it in to our mechanic and he cannot figure out what is causing this. Has anyone else experienced this and knows the cause?

1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5 from North America


A 100 percent lemon


Transmission has been slipping for the last 20,000 miles and I'm driving on borrowed time before it fails. The transmission also failed on a previous owner.

Water pump failed at 85,000 miles.

Air conditioner compressor failed at 75,000 miles.

Air conditioner evaporator failed at 80,000 miles.

The compact disk player stopped working at 80,000 miles. The rest of the radio stopped working at 90,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has cost, had several very expensive repairs since we have owned it. It has been an extremely unreliable vehicle that I would advise anyone not to buy.

The vehicle is very noisy and does little to suppress road and tire noise.

Lots of bells and whistles, but lots of problems as well.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2001

6th May 2002, 20:38

I do no agree with the accusations of this person. His inability to enjoy his car is not common. Although it has needed a repair or two the superb handling, incredible performance, and amazing, yes amazing, comfort that comes from owning an Eagle Vision Tsi, 24 Valve V6, 3.5L engine, is worth any little fix. If driven by an experienced driver it has the ability to please the passengers and the driver to the utmost level. Please do not let the bad experience of this person affect your decision to purchase, or test drive, an Eagle Vision it is a car worth trying and definitely worth owning.

1995 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5 from North America


A great high performance car


Brakes replaced at 90,000.

Seats are showing some wear.

General Comments:

This car has been a great car. Performance has been spectacular, looks great. Fun to drive with good handling and braking.

I am sad that the Eagle is not available any longer. This is a great car which has provided me and my family many years and miles of trouble free enjoyment.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2001