26th May 2006, 20:48

We have a 1995 Eagle Vision TSI and it is having a real bad time with the Transmission. About 18 months ago, or 10k miles, we replaced the computer, which solved the "bucking" & "Stalling" problem mentioned by the last posting. The AC core went out to the tune of $830. I would love to put this thing in it's grave, but it gets great mileage when it's running right and we own it of course along with it having a very smooth ride. If only it was our day to hit the lottery, I would still keep it and fully restore it. we may do that anyway since it's cheaper to do that than buy a new loss of worth from the car dealers.

8th Sep 2006, 23:45

I have a 1994 Eagle Vision TSI I bought it used from a car dealership last year I've had problems with the car since it reached 140,000 I've had to replace the crank shaft sensor and the ignition coil. My headlights won't turn off so I have pull the fuses when the car isn't in use. My check engine light has came on recently and my car has started to cut off while I'm driving it. My transmition acts up when I'm acclerrating, also when I turn my AC off it makes a loud rattling noise, never again will I drive a Chrystler.

2nd Dec 2006, 12:45

Hi! I have a Chrysler Vision year- 95 and I have no problems with the engine at all. The only problem I have is with the radio/Cd-player. When I start the car or just turn the ignition on, the display shows. Wait 2 hours!!??

Is there anyone here who could give me a solution, advice to fix this problem?

Please mail me at jasa102@hotmail.com

By the way, we here in Sweden love American cars :)

16th Jan 2007, 06:58

Hi, I have a Chrysler Vision 1996, the car is very good, I had only one problem with it since I got it, it was shutting the engine down when it wanted, but I replaced a small part in the back of engine, I have no idea what the name of it is, its like small chip which is near crankshaft on 3 wires. Just changed transmission oil, and everything else is OK. I have propane in the car as well, so it is taking about 13 liter per 100 km outside the city, and in the city it is about 16 liters. And with petrol it is about 15 liters for 100 km.

So people this type of car I offer you to buy, I love it. if you have any problems with your car, let me know, maybe I can help you. my e-mail is simpsonas19@yahoo.co.uk.

Not so many cars like that in Lithuania, but i own it and i am happy about it :)

21st Feb 2007, 14:52

I have a eagle vision that doesn't start on very cold or damp days.. do you know whats wrong?

22nd Mar 2007, 14:32

My car is Chrysler Eagle Vision 1997m. 3.5l.

Every time I step on the gas pedal, whether I am at a complete stop or am coasting, my car will make a popping noise, and I have no idea what it is... Can somone take an educated guess at what this might be? Write me maddoxys@yahoo.com.

29th Mar 2007, 23:33

I currently have a 1997 Eagle Vision TSI. It has 115,500 miles and the check engine light is on. Both my regular and transmission mechanics indicate transmission code. This code indicates the trans is running hot. At 1st, my trans mechanic suggested the sensor could be bad and I might get by with replacing the sensor (about $350.00 to replace - but no guarantee). The car shifts fine. By reading his codes, he indicates the lower gear clutches have 15-25% remaining, high gears 30-45% remaining, thus his recommendation is to rebuild/replace (of course). I didn't know you can get this information from the computer. If the sensor(s) are bad, could the readings be faulty? This has never had a problem shifting, slipping or indicating a trans problem... just the check engine light that prevents me from registering the car (need a smog certificate).

Since I live near Long Beach in California, I am unable to get the car smog certified (for registration) with a check engine code on.

The car is fully loaded and has good paint exterior, and the leather seats are immaculate. Moon roof, CD/cassette/AM/FM, power everything, alarm, keyless entry, trip computer etc... all work great. Has chrome plated alloy rims. My only option would be to sell the car to someone in a state without the smog requirement, or turn it in to the state program to retire the vehicle. Has anyone had a similar problem, and could this be fixed without replacing the trans?

All other components are in such good shape, I'm considering parting out the car if it's worth more to someone else than what it is to me, based on what the State will give me to retire it (up to $1000.00). Not sure what I will get until I go down that path. Don't know what determines when you will get the full $1,000.00. Anyone know? Anyway, if someone is interested or can help out with some of these questions, feel free to email me (gottheblues@ca.rr.com) or reply to this comment on-line. I have photos of the full vehicle and plan to post on craigslist.org.

Thank you, Scott.

12th May 2007, 22:04

Second to last post- check your cooling fans- there is a connector at the bottom of the fans that has two plugs on it. I had this plug go bad on my first vision.

6th Jul 2007, 21:10

I do have the problem of 1996 Eagle Vision TSi just shutting off. It started a few years ago, just once, and the dealer couldn't find anything wrong with it. In the last couple of years, anytime the outside temperature gets above about 95 degrees Fahrenheit it will just quit. No overheating, low oil pressure, nothing. This last fall, the car wouldn't even go up a hill and I had the catalytic converters replaced. Thought that would solve everything, but just in the last couple of weeks it stalled out again at 97 degrees. Took it in to the dealer for a tune up, fuel filter replacement and oil change, found a slight oil leak into one of the cylinders needed the head gasket replaced. I had the crankshaft and camshaft sensors on order, but they weren't in yet. I thought it was over, but on the way home from the shop it stalled again. 107 degrees outside temperature. When the sensors come in, I will replace them, but will this be the answer?? I don't know.

13th Nov 2007, 12:05

Tahtsu again, just wanted to mention that I've driven to Harrison, MI from Wakefield, NH again (for one of the last times - I have to go back to NH in December and I'm driving there and back again - I'll let you know if Noel makes it those times too), she's still doing pretty darn good, except for when I got back from MI the first time she had developed a power steering fluid leak, but I think that was caused by someone not the drive. Her blower motor died recently, but I'm getting that fixed this weekend, and I think one of her pulleys isn't working correctly, but that's going to be looked at too, I STILL love my car :D.