19th Jul 2003, 07:43

I have a 95 Eagle Vision that I have had now for 2 years it has 161 k miles, I live this car, but I have a lot of the problems people list on this page if anyone can help please email me at kamartin@famvid.com Thanks!!!

13th Aug 2003, 16:00

I have an 95 eagle vision. sometimes when I'm driving for about an hour, when I come to a complete stop it goes into the low gear and then slips into drive. It's an automatic transmission by the way.

The car only has 80,000 miles on it and it was given to me. Does anybody know either how much it costs to fix this or why it does this.


12th Oct 2003, 18:11

Everything I have read about the Eagle Vision is true to a fault. I have a 94 Eagle Vision TSi and I just lost the transmission. I absolutely love this car, when it is running and loathe it when it is down. I purchased it from an auction in 1997 and almost immediately put roughly $4,000 dollars into a complete overhaul, which included the transmission. I have approximately 166K miles on the engine, which performs great. It's the transmission which has been giving me trouble. I'm debating whether or not to get the work done for fear that there may be a greater problem. And yes, it drives and handles great, which is why it's such a hard decision for me. Running, I'd challenge anyone on the highway. Problems are many. But I love my Vision.

22nd Feb 2005, 18:34

Transmission slipping and shudders are almost ALWAYS do to the use of Dexron transmission fluid. Anyone who uses that has either not read the car's manual, or has been talked into it by a garage they went to. You must ALWAYS use the transmission fluid specified by Chrysler in the owner's manual. I had this problem too, the previous owner had replaced the fluid with dexron. I replaced it with chrysler's recommended fluid, and the slipping and shutters stopped completely in almost a week.