1958 Edsel Ranger 361 cid from North America


This car has done everything I have asked of it, has never let me down, and is a keeper


Have replaced shift collar twice.

Borg-Warner overdrive system can be finicky, and occasionally needs attention.

Front seat bottom is splitting.

Rear door swingout stop keeps falling off, requires removal of door to fix.

Hard to keep exhaust manifolds from leaking.

Vacuum wipers worked poorly when bought, rebuild fixed problem.

Rebuilt the engine about 10 years ago to lower compression so it would better accept modern fuels.

General Comments:

This Edsel is a surprisingly quick and comfortable ride. The 361 is powerful and torquey, and the Borg-Warner three speed/OD transmission delivers the power fully to the wheels.

This car has manual steering and brakes, but it is still very responsive. Brakes work very well, and lack of power steering is only an issue in some parking situations.

Car cruises out nicely on the interstate, and has been run up to over 100 mph without breaking a sweat. Slowing and stopping this 2-ton car was the biggest issue at that speed.

This car traveled 6200 miles from Oregon to Michigan and back during the summer of 2007, pulling a 3000 lb travel trailer, and did so with no major mechanical breakdowns.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 14th September, 2009