1977 Ferrari 308 GTB 3.0 from North America


Timeless classic and a bargain at $30k


I have not experienced any problem that I would consider abnormal or unacceptable.

General Comments:

A Ferrari requires proper maintenance. If the car is taken care of and used properly, they are a joy to own. Cheap-skates and corner-cutters need not apply... You will have to spend money on service and quality parts.

My 308 has not let me down at all. I take excellent care of it and perform all repairs and maintenance myself. It is a timeless design that never grows old. Pininfarina (the design studio) is a master and that's why Ferrari uses him exclusively. The car is quick (early carburetted cars are the best performing, highest horsepower 308's).

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Review Date: 14th September, 2001

28th Dec 2004, 20:37

Beautiful cars indeed!!

Personally, I think the 308 is the nicest ferrari ever!!!

24th Nov 2005, 22:46

I`m just contemplating getting one of these, but wondering how much knowledge and time I need to perform servicing on the vehicle myself, and to what extent or level do I need to go to? Can servicing be kept relatively simple?

9th Jun 2006, 08:05

Where can one obtain a shop manual for the 308 either in CD or book format.

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB 2.8 litre from North America


A double-edged sword


Despite having a supposedly rebuilt engine, the car would no longer start, only three months after the purchase. Two weeks after a cd$400 repair the car failed to start once again. The car was then towed back and sold.

General Comments:

Ferraris are a thrill, but don't buy one that is too old and beaten up.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2000

12th Aug 2001, 15:01

I bought mine in 1979, and it still starts first time! I left it garaged for 9 years and it is going now like a dream... its a bit rusty that's all.

1st Mar 2002, 14:37

Correct. Don't buy ANY car that is too old or beat up... esp a Ferrari. The maintenence history of the car is critical.

18th Jul 2002, 20:36

If you purchase a Ferrari and do not have the funds to rebuild and take care of the car why bother. Get yourself a ford instead. All cars require maintenance and care my 308 is being rebuilt and I don't expect it to be completed within 12 months. Beautiful car only driven once since I brought it, but I did not buy it as everyday transportation but as a jewel to be preserved.

30th Sep 2006, 22:10

A Ferrari is one of the best sports cars in the world if maintained correctly. There is very little depreciation, so sink some cash into maintenance and enjoy driving your dream machine. As a true Ferrari "nut," I'm looking to trade up to an even better one! As I've stated, depreciation is minimal!