4th Oct 2006, 22:04

I have always been a big Ferrari fan and I am now in the market to buy one. I am seriously considering a 1989 328 gts and a brand new Porsche 2006/7 Carrera 4S. I know, I know, blasphemy! I agree. But, anyways, I admit I don't know much about the 328. So, can someone answer my 2 questions: 1) What makes the 1989 the best year for this car? 2) Which of the above two cars would you guys buy? I appreciate your comments guys. Ciao.

9th Sep 2009, 19:49

I bought my first Ferrari about 12mths ago, an 1989 328 GTSi with only 2,700 miles on it. It was part of a private collection and is in as new condition, still has the original tyres on it. I have owned many 911's but my childhood poster car was always a 328. Now that I have it I'm almost too scared to put miles on it. It is an amazing car to drive, so razor sharp in its handling, and the sound from the V8 is like music to my ears. I would love to replace this car with a 288GTO one day, well better start saving.

10th Sep 2009, 15:46


I bought mine about 2 months ago, an '86 Rosso Corsa/Crema Euro-spec with just north of 35k miles (in kms of course)

But that number is rising far more rapidly than I ever expected. Even though I had been in love with the 328 for ages, nothing really prepared me for the sheer sensation of owning and especially driving one. It is simply fantastic and I'm on the road with it whenever I can.

Just consider the package here:

-- Timelessly elegant lines of a controlled flamboyance that's hard to find these days;

-- A little gem of an engine with a biggg noise and lots of power, lots of torque (esp. within its 1986 context)

-- Just the right mix between a Spartan interior and luxury trim

-- Fabulous handling and truly communicative driving: an honest-to-God sportscar

-- Very reasonable pricing these days and manageable running cost (maintenance, gas consumption, insurance, etc.)

-- And of course the Prancing Horse mystique, which is an almost tangible force to deal with ;-)

Need I say more?!?

6th Aug 2010, 11:31

I have always dreamed of owning a 328. I see a lot of the comments seem to favour the 89 model. I am waiting for the delivery of an 87GTS model from the U.S.A. I hope it is as rewarding to drive as the 89. Reading some of the comments on this site are making me more anxious to take delivery of the car. The car is due to land in Newcastle Australia on 14/8/10, and I will be driving the car from Newcastle to Sydney. I will write again and tell you personally of my experience. I am looking so forward to picking up the car. I only hope it is the same to drive as an 89 model.

16th Apr 2013, 10:39

It is almost three years since you picked up your car. I would be interested to know if you still have it, and what you think of it?

I have had the pleasure of owning both a 1986 and my current 1989 GTS. While the later one is noticeably better, it has a lot less km on the clock.

It's like your first love; you never forget the day you get your first Ferrari. My whole life, I had wanted a Ferrari from the day I first saw the Dino; it's what I always wanted. I remember going to the Melbourne motor show in the mid seventies and seeing the new 308; the rest is history.

I had the chance to upgrade to a 355 or the 360, but decided on another 328 with low Km and don't regret it at all. Six years later and I still love it. Why the second 328? My ex-mechanic crashed my first one and wrote it off. "Yes he still is alive".