17th Mar 2005, 04:29

You are a lover of Ferrari like many of us, I don't know what all the talk is about interior plastic I have had no problems at all. Maybe I'm just lucky.

26th Sep 2005, 17:19

I am interesting in purchaseing my 1st 348ts. My wife has a Hummer H2 and now I need my toy to out do her. Is there any reason anyone would not recommend this beautiful car? why is it that the ones I have seen have so little miles. If the car is so great why don't the owners use them more? please inform.. thank you Willy " Miami".

11th Oct 2005, 21:12

My 348TS has the same problem with some of the black interior plastic parts getting "gooey", especially the door handles. Maybe it's the San Diego heat. Otherwise the car is a gem. 20K miles, no major issues, no leaks (knock on wood).

24th Nov 2005, 00:00

Excuse my ignorance, but is`nt 150 m.p.h. (or 240 k.p.h.), a little bit fast to be doing on a public road? What would happen if you hit a cow, or something? Ferraris would be exhilirating on the Autobahn- but even there, they now have strict speed restrictions. So I suppose my obvious question is: WHERE on earth can you realise the full potential that the Ferrari offers?

29th Dec 2005, 16:20

There is a nice place called outback Australia. Many cars are tested there and it's so nice to pass the local Police with a wave at 160!

17th May 2006, 10:48

I had a 2001 Viper before I traded it in for a mint 1990 348 with only 10k. This car is refined, a bit harsh, but it is a real winner in my book. It get more looks than my Viper, earns more respect and is amazingly fun to drive. I am 6'5" tall and I still manage to fit. I love this car and so will you if you drive one!

27th May 2006, 18:40

Hi - I have a 1991 348TS...great car all around. I have read a few person above mention the plastic door handles and console having the rubber coating come off. I have to say that I am in that boat also. I tried to use "grip dip" a rubber coating you can brush on (used to dip screw drives and pilers for coating on the handles) and the stuff did not work. Can anyone E-mail me any ideas on a fix for this problem? Any creative ideas would be appreciated. I would like to save $1,000.00 and not buy the carbon fiber parts. Thanks: Jasongonter@hotmail.com.

31st Jan 2007, 10:53

Have a 1994 ferrari 348TS and love it! This baby winds up and goes like crazy, corners and sucks the road hard! Have had Porsches, Corvettes and Alfa romeos - the ferrari 348 is a thrill to drive and a pleasure to own. Have lots of miles on my car, but have had great maintenance and lots of cash input and worth every penny. Expect to pay lots for any maintenance and any parts and you won't be dissapointed in the end return on your investment. To all you Ferrari aficionados - good driving and god speed!

26th May 2007, 10:54

Autobahn has no speed limit, I go to Frankfurt every other week and cruising at 200 KMh is no problem and legal.

20th Sep 2007, 00:48

Is this car "really" a daily driver. My wife (the loveley Queen of the Reich) says I can get one, but she does not want me to have two cars. Hence, do you guys think I could really drive this daily without unexpected maintenance issues?


13th May 2008, 19:13

Sure you can drive it daily. I drove mine every day for the first year that I owned it.

However, it then cost a fortune to service and keep up to spec. £7,000 ($14,000).

But more importantly, if you drive it every day you start to take it for granted and then you don't appreciate the thrill as much.

There's nothing more exhilarating than taking it out for its first drive after being garaged all winter.

Trust me, it will terrify and delight you every year!

15th May 2008, 16:03

Hello there, I am buying a 348. What things should I be looking for?

20th May 2008, 07:25

I have just recently bought a 348TS everything appears to be in fantastic condition other than the roof seals which leak furiously!

Anyone have any comments on whether this can be fixed / seals replaced etc?

5th Jun 2008, 14:59

I just bought one last week. My plates will be ready in two weeks or so, probably the longest weeks ever in my life ;-)

Anyway, what to look for? I just did the exercise and I think MOST important is the maintenance history and belt changes. Second priority is rubber sealing inspection and off coarse general conditions. Always try door hinges and electrical controls. Put it on the bridge and have a look from underneath.. no harm done. NEVER buy on your first visit. Take the time and see at least about 10 or so, so that you learn and can compare. You will also learn from the different previous owners and dealers. good luck!

12th Jun 2008, 22:08

I own a 90 348ts. I have recently done the major service, quite costly at $9200. The "gooey" rubber parts are easily fixed with a can of brake-clean. You just have to remove them from the dash and door panels, clean them with a solvent and then refinish them in flat black. Looks great and saves you lots of money!

Ferrari recommends the belt service every 3 years or 30,000 miles. So if you can afford $8-10 grand every two years, then you can consider the car as a daily driver. Many owners do the service every 15K miles! I would strongly consider looking elsewhere for a daily driver.

Overall I love the car! Looks awesome with aftermarket 19" wheels and sounds amazing with stainless X-OST exhaust system. I give it two thumbs up!

3rd Sep 2011, 10:14

I am thrilled to be reading such an informative site, doing my homework always pays off. I am NOT a Ferrari owner yet, but would believe that when I am, and experience the need to do something about the plastic hardware replacement, why would I not do the right thing & just replace it with the carbon fiber upgrade. Although if someone has an ingenious fix, that too is a consideration.