14th Dec 2005, 23:38

Greetings, A buddy of mine has a modified '94 Toyota twin turbo Supra that puts out close to 750 rear wheel horsepower, is super quick in the quarter mile and, tops out around 175-180. It eats Subies, and about anything else, routinely. But it's a Toyota!

I'm looking at getting a 348 as a first step into Ferrari land.

I currently have a 2002 996 Ducati for my "speed" fixes. I am a mechanic so I maintain it myself, desmo valves and all. I will do most of the wrenching on the 348 or whatever Ferrari I wind up buying.

I bought a new Montero for the wife and it was about the same price as getting a 348!

Until you try a sexy Italian vehicle you'll never get "it". That blood red Ducati just oozes sex appeal.

My next door neighbor said " It looks like it's doing a 150 just sitting there".

If you want to crunch numbers get a Toyota.

If you want to enter Ferrari's world, get the Prancing Stallion!

All the best, Nick in Sacramento, Ca, USA.

27th Dec 2005, 04:12

Hi, I am Robin, and I'm an Italian owner of an F348. To buy a Ferrari or another car is a matter of feelings. Please look at the 959 and 348 at the same time, and you will see that you can't move your eyes away from 348 for just a second.

By the way, I feel lucky as service costs are lower (not cheap) in Italy rather than abroad.

12th Feb 2006, 01:30

Regarding the Ferrari 348 debate. I have owned mine since 1998, along with a Porsche Turbo, and several Mercedes and a few BMWs in between. I still have the Ferrari and the Porsche. The 348 is a great car. It has aged better than my Porsche. The first writer was wrong, a late model 348 hits 60 in the low to mid fives. Top speed is 165 - 172 depending on a lot of variables. Not supersonic by todays standards, but respectable, and every time I run into a hot rod Bimmer or Subaru in the hills, expecting to get wasted, I lose them. A 348 is a bargain priced, instantly identified (as a Ferrari), becoming rare, easy entry into the exotic car market and it has respectable performance.

26th Jun 2006, 05:47

Strange how the people who make negative comments about Ferrari 348's can't afford them. I take their jealousy as a comment and reply to them that I agree my Ferrari is not as good as their Ford Escort! The 348 will always be a pure Ferrari.

24th Jul 2006, 06:44

I'm looking at buying my first Ferrari. I'm currently driving a Porsche 996. I'm interested in knowing what the service costs are and at what mileage they are due? I have heard scary stories of massive costs???

Have also heard that the clutch needs replacing about the 30 thousand mile mark, is this also correct?

Any information would be helpful, I am considering buying a 348 Targa, does anybody know when power steering was introduced on this model?


7th Sep 2006, 10:58

I too am in the same position as Mark. Currently own the new SLK which is a dream to drive/own etc, but obviously not in the Ferrari league. Just need some advice if possible from anyone.

Looking to get a 348 for about 30,000. The car will be used quite frequently as I don't agree with storing them only to use when sunny etc. I need to be able to make use of the thing, drive it as any other car, but just smile a lot more.

Are there any pointers, anything I should look at, bearing in mind servicing etc. Cambelt changes how often, as well as other servicing costs that may arise?

I know it's a bit of a non-descript set of questions, but having been toying with either a 355 or 348, I feel the 348 is more in my price range and appeals more.

Your thoughts anyone?

Many thanks.


11th Oct 2006, 09:14

Dear all, I need practical advice. I wish to buy one of the following for between 20k and 40k. In terms of performance, running costs and reliability which of these three would you recommend:

Ferrari 348

Ferrari 456

Porsche 911.


29th Oct 2006, 15:43

I've owned a Toyota GT4, Mr2. Driven M3's and WRXs. Now I have a 348. Of course its not the fastest in the straight line. But it all makes sense in corners. The 348 will destroy any of these cars around a corner, even if they have all wheel drive. My GT4 has 520HP, but on a track it has no chance against my 348.

If you can get a well sorted 348, go for it.

12th Nov 2006, 22:30

I agree that they are one of the nicest-looking sports cars in the world and that only the Viper and Corvette are really the only two runners-up in terms of being almost just as good as the Ferrari in both performance and physical attractiveness, but you're just flat-out wrong when you said in your review that they cost very little. Ferraris aren't cheap, they are a gold mine and can be a serious money-pit if there's been been too much lack of maintenance on them.

And they're fast, yes, but that's not the the only reason you should get them. If you only want speed, you can always buy an old crappy Camaro I-ROCZ for less than $10,000 and totally rebuild it and soup it up like never before. But if you have the money and the income for one (yes, you need a good continual income for when the car needs regular repair over time along with the high insurance costs), then go right on ahead and knock yourself out and enjoy.

If I had the money for a Ferrari, I would without a doubt only go for the 328. That to me, is my favorite and the nicest-looking of all Ferraris and at a cost that's not sky high as opposed to some new Ferrari that's over $150,000 like those Modenas when they were new.

22nd Nov 2006, 20:09

I currently own a 2000 m5, beutifull reliable and fast as stink, would kill a 348, but as soon as I sell my house I will search for a nice 348, you only live once and owning something that looks as sexy as a ferrari is a must for all petrol heads.

19th Dec 2006, 04:32

Hi All.

I have recently sold my Mazda RX7 which was heavily modified for performance and simply to tease M3, WRXs etc. What an incredible car to drive, but the Ferrari 348 has captured me - Totally!

I can't wait to be able to post up again telling you all how happy I am with my Ferrari!

I envy all of you who have one of these incredible cars at the moment and I can't wait to join you in ownership.

Best regards.


17th Jan 2007, 11:20

I'm presently driving a Porsche Boxster S, love the car. However, I was at a track day last year and had a drive in a 348 and 355 and thought wow - I need to get myself one these. I thought they were terrific to drive.

I loved the 348 in particular because it didn't have power steering, felt great.

The porsche really costs nothing to run, couple of tyres and a service each year and that's about it really.

I'm looking for pointers (cost wise) for the Ferrari, it's going to be used pretty much just at weekends (weather permitting) and that's about it really.

What should I be looking out for and being aware of??

Service costs??

Cambelt Change??

General running costs really??

Your comments would be appreciated - Thanks.