30th Sep 2007, 06:24

Things to be aware of before purchasing a 348.

Vents, handles, and misc. plastic parts were coated with some sort of rubber and "melts" over time, making for a sticky part, especially if the car is left out in the sun a lot! Some parts can be purchased, others can be cleaned off.

Too much sun will make the dash shrink, a car cover or covered parking is recommended.

The cars are "twitchy" at the limit. The Factory cured later cars problems by widening the rear track and lowering the car. (one of the "Speciale" improvements) Installing longer rear bolts and rear spacers accomplishes the same thing.

Early cars had Delco alternators, that wouldn't stand up to extended high rpm... cheap to rebuild, but expect to to so. Later cars had Bosch alternators... an update kit was available.

Gearbox's are balky until warm. Not uncommon for 2nd gear to be next to impossible to get when cold. If 2nd grinds after being warmed up though, could indicate prior abuse. There was also an update for the slave cylinder and clutch.

Factory recommends replacing the timing belts and valve adjust @ 30k or belts at 7 yrs regardless of miles. It it an engine out job, and you should also rebuild or replace the water pump at the same time, as it is right there while the engine is out.

Some coupes had minor cracks appear in sail panel seam at rear fenders. Factory fix: small bead of silicon along the seam. If you see the crack, it doesn't necessarily mean the car was previously wrecked!!

A/C controllers fail sometimes and are expensive to replace!

The TS's have problems with the removeable hardtop leaking sometimes. There was a seal update to correct that, but it wasn't 100 percent.

They are very reliable and can be used as daily drivers, but stop and go traffic is not their forte'...slicing up a canyon road is more their purpose.

Also be aware that other people on the road will travel in your blind spot while looking over your car while trying not to be obvious about it. Means you have to pay more attention to traffic around you. Also, every "RICKY RACER" on the planet will want to "take you on"...its the same if you have a Corvette, 911, or any other super-car... just be aware that it comes with the territory!! 1/4 mile times aren't stellar, but you can beat most cars from 80-150mph.

Best bet... smile and wave..They're jealous, like you were before you got one!!

15th Jan 2008, 11:29

After having read the initial daft comments on this topic, it was good to see much sense being spoken later on.

I currently own a rev 3 MR2 Turbo and it has had the usual mods and goes like stink. 0-60 is under 5 seconds and I have had 165 out of it. However, my MR2 as with BMW's and evo's etc are just in the same league as a Ferrari. It is all in the breed of the car. I mean how many people would come up to you and ask to take a picture of your BMW M3, Evo or Boxster (even a 911) everyone has them.

I pick up my 348ts in 3 weeks and have gone for the option of a Tubi exhaust to give it that true V8 sound. I am a speed junky and realise that off the line it would get beaten by my MR2 but that just doesn't even come in to it. Just sitting here writing this I am smiling thinking, I own a Ferrari. The feeling is great.

As for cost; they are expensive which is why people go for a Porsche. This makes Ferrari stand out and who can deny, a blood red Ferrari looks so nice when it is all polished up. Owning a Ferrari was a boyhood dream and now I do. I can't wait to find a great driving road.

16th Jan 2008, 02:06

'However, my MR2 as with BMW's and evo's etc are just in the same league as a Ferrari'

I think you meant:

However, my MR2 as with BMW's and evo's etc are just NOT in the same league as a Ferrari.

16th Jan 2008, 22:50

I have owned a 2007 650 convertible, a '03 996 Carrera, a '07 Vette, '07 997 turbo, a '85 308GTSi, and now own two supercharged Jags--a 2007 super V8 and a 2007 XKR convertible. That's just in the past three years. I know performance cars and can buy any one I want.

I just bought a 1994 348 spider. I haven't driven it. I haven't physically even seen or touched it; it is being trucked to me this week from Ferrari of Denver. That is THE place to buy a Ferrari from, believe me. Suffice it to say that I know the 348 will be a Ferrari, pure and simple, and no rice rocket or kraut cooker pilot can imagine the sensation of mystique, heritage or pure visceral thrill that is the Ferrari experience.

Here is my big question for the non-Ferraristi who somehow feel the need to vent their spleens about the 348 on this site: what is so great about acquiring a crappy tin box like the WRX or a used M3 which costs about $30K and then spending an additional $25-$50K to tune it to achieve a sub-5 second 0-60 or 11-12 sec quarter mile? Have you lost your minds? Tuning can be done on ANY car and the performance limit is only as high as your spending limit and the inherent capability of the underlying car itself, and we all know rice rockets and 2+2 M3s are hopelessly inferior in this respect.

For about the same money you would plow into a WRX and mods such as a coffee can muffler, nitrous, neon lights, biplane wing, decent wheels and tires, etc. you could actually buy the experience of Ferrari 348 ownership which you are so desperate to achieve, but will so pathetically never gain this way. But know this... we would welcome your entry into the Ferrari owners brotherhood the minute you come clean!

4th Mar 2008, 12:04

Hi again.

After 1 long year of looking for a nice 348ts, I eventually found one. Sold the Boxster S and bought the 348ts. I am brilliant. I love it.

Just had the cam-belt service done by the main dealer. Although it was expensive, that's it for 3 years or so; just the usual running costs to take care of between now and then.

The 348 isn't the fastest car on the planet, and the boxster was a better drive in some ways. However, just driving the 348 gives me a great feeling. People want to take photos of the car, people give the thumbs up when I drive past. Yhe car demands and gets respect whereever I go.

I live in the city so the car is in storage most of the year.

I only use the car a few weeks of the year. That said, I get a 'buzz' when I go to pick it up.

It's great owning a Ferrari, and I highly recommend it. It might be a bit more costly, but still worth every penny.

Do it!