6th Aug 2003, 13:46

Why stay away from the f1 box? do they have problems?? would I be better off with a manual???

27th Jan 2004, 07:36

The F1 box has some glitches, but not an extraordinary amount. I got a 6 speed ot of personal preference. I simply like it better. Test drive both and see what you think...

19th Nov 2005, 00:37

This car will go into the record books as one of the greatest cars and or ferraris ever built.

12th Nov 2006, 22:46

"Worth the price, every single penny??!! Are you for real? I mean, come on. I have never read a review about an exotic sports car where they said that it's worth the price down to every single penny. Well, all I can say is that you must REALLY love your car. And, you must be rich so you probably don't worry about money or even the expensive maintenance costs that come with such a high-priced exotic sports car.

Even though I find it very hard to believe that you'd say it's worth the price when it's as expensive as it is, it sounds like you got your dream car, I'm happy for you. That sure is a beautiful car...

20th Jun 2007, 08:52

I just bought a F360 Spyder as a second hand vehicle.

The vehicle is built 2001 and has 25,000 km.

Before I purchased it, it passed thru an inspection in Italy and I received relevant documentation.

I have had it already 3 months now, and in the 1st month the F1 gear box started having problems when shifting the gear to neutral, and when I was shifting gear from 1st to 2nd, or from 3rd to 4th, etc.

The Ferrari authorised dealer and repair workshop told me that this is standard problem for this type of car.

To restore it I paid euro 8,000!!!

One a day, as I was driving, the panel illumination went-off, and they found that an electrical panel/board was short-circuited. The cost to restore it euro 3,000!!!

Another day, as I was listening music thru the CD player, it stopped working, just like that.

Cost for restoration in becker euro 1,000!!!

Another day, the sensors of the electric roof (I own the cabrio model) went-off, and the roof remained half way open, not to mention that I was with a lady next to me on our first date.

They charged nothing for restoration of that problem, considering what I paid to them as above.

Each time I was complaining to them; what is going on??? I paid a great deal of money??? It's one of the best cars in the world, etc... the reply was:

It's a Ferrari sir...that's the way it is...


So yes it's a beautiful car (may be the most beautiful there is), it's fast (but there are other much faster cars with the half money), it turns the corners (there are others that turn much much better, with again the half money), and certainly is not reliable.

NOT to mention the high cost of the maintenance, which as some other fellows mentioned in this survey very correctly; you don't bother too much, since you have the means to own such a car!!!

BUT certainly everyone will agree with me that it's at least inappropriate not to be reliable at all, when you have paid euro 150,000 for a 6 years old car (and imagine mine, as they all say, is in perfect condition in and out - imagine one with 50,000 km???).

Yes the exhaust sound is excellent, the driving feeling is nice (not when you go for a trip, which is noisy, not comfortable especially the cabrio model when the roof after the 140 kmh bangs), everybody looking at you, they are discussing about you, they want to be near you and all that. But is it worth the trouble when after a year or two, you will not longer bother with all the above... and what will be left will be the bitter feelings of having a car all the time in a workshop.

It makes me wonder if it will be better, rather to drive the myth (because that is all about), to had a Mercedes SL 55 AMG with only euro 95,000 (4 years old car), which is fanstastic piece of machinery and engineering, and has everything from all points of view, but of course nobody will be looking at you???

I don't know. I will tell you after some more months, when I will be in a position to have a better judgement.

Thank you folks.

14th Sep 2007, 21:56

I own 2 Porsches, but really like the look and sound of the Ferrari. I have reservations though, not necessarily because of the amount of money for repairs, but having to take the time to take it to the shop and have repairs done, while in the meantime, my Ferrari is in the shop and I cannot drive it. That's what is great about the Porsche; it is much more reliable and I spend more time actually driving the car rather than repairing it.

9th Nov 2009, 21:12

I found a 2000 Spider the other day for only $75K, the owner took me for a spirited drive and it was so sweet. I really can't say I have seen a car quite as beautiful. It will most likely just sit out in front of my shop to draw in all the car enthusiast that come by.

27th Nov 2009, 21:30

I believe high kilometers on a Ferrari aren't such a bad thing. On the contrary. One that has been driven a lot has undoubtedly had a lot of care put into it, in order to do the high mileage. This means that many glitches have already been worked out, and the engine probably sings far more beautifully than a car of the same age with half the mileage. They have to be run in over a period of time. The garage queen that collects dust and doesn't get any exercise would be less desirable to me than the car that is constantly driven. You must keep the little bits and pieces moving. A Ferrari was never meant to sit.