19th Oct 2013, 09:49

Life is too short not to have a 2014 Corvette 7 speed super car and a 66 427 Vette to drive. I just sold my Harley Night Train, but there's more out there.

22nd Oct 2013, 13:31

This is a family car with a back seat. Save the 2 seat high performance convertible sports cars for the singles and empty nesters to enjoy.

19th Jul 2014, 17:42

I have both a 456M GTA and a 911. While the 911 is great, it is not designed for 4 people, a feat that the 456 achieves and one of the reasons I bought it. The 456 has cost less to run than the 911, but as I only do about 4K miles in the 456 a year, it only needs to be serviced every 18 months.

20th Jul 2014, 15:13

Most I know drive a nice SUV with families. It's more fun with a driver and an adult passenger. Leave the car seat strollers and small children in sounder speed vehicles with added protection. Not to mention the whiplash issues.

13th Apr 2015, 08:40

I think you miss the point. A 456M is usually not an "either or" car for the guys who have one. It is just a timeless classic for the connoisseur's garage. And it is neither about current vs past value. Like that prior post wrote, it is just like putting that Brioni suit on, on a Tuesday afternoon. You don't have to do it, and if you have a Brioni suit you probably have many other and even more expensive coats in the closet, but Brioni has timeless elegance and sometimes you want wear it. I speak from personal experience: I have a 456 in my garage plus three other cars.

13th Apr 2015, 22:42

I kind of like the domestic camp. A supercar that you can jump in without a moment's hesitation and drive to Florida, then to California and back. And still have a car that does 0-60 in under 4 seconds and 185 mph plus. Great track cars braking, and they don't break. Utterly reliable. Pick a Viper or Corvette Z06. Not that mileage is an issue, but mid 20s on a trip. Leave your watch at home on an auto winder. You won't need it. Point a supercar to the opposite coast without the import fret.