2013 Ferrari 458 Italia from Australia and New Zealand


A joy to drive and eye wateringly fast


All audio functions failed: radio, Bluetooth, VR, etc. Turned out to be a faulty hard disk drive, which Ferrari replaced without question. In all other respects, the car has been very reliable.

General Comments:

Stunningly fast to drive. Twitchy under heavy acceleration from a zero start. The double clutch box is beautiful and changes gear in a few milliseconds. Downshifting and planting your right foot to overtake is almost a piece of pure insanity. The acceleration is mindboggling. Passengers go very silent and turn pale when you floor the throttle. This Ferrari is light years ahead of my old 355 and 360 in technology and pure driving pleasure. The steering is light but positive. I could almost imagine losing this car at speed into a corner. It deceives you into believing you are on rails, such is the way it sticks to the road.

The triple exhaust has a pair of butterfly valves that open at around 3000 RPM and let loose the two previously dormant exhaust pipes. The result is a magnificent howl from the exhaust that just gets louder as the revs go up.

For city driving you need to select "Bumpy Road" on the steering wheel. It's an irritation that you can't select this suspension mode as default as it means you have to select bumpy road every time you start the car. The default suspension mode is bone jarringly hard and downright uncomfortable. But as that is my only complaint, I give this Ferrari a 10 out of 10 for driver excitement.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2015

3rd Dec 2022, 16:44

Authentic review.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia from Singapore



General Comments:

Personally I do not own this car. I rented it from the hotel. The last car that I rented was the Ferrari F430, but now they've got a new car, the 458 Italia.

My first impression of the car is the looks. It looks sleek and clean, however I personally dislike the exhaust and the headlights. Anyway, as soon as I got inside, I was surprised that entire parts of the interior are very different from the last car that I tried. They say the car has different color options for the interior; the one that I rented was two tone black and beige.

For a starter like me, operating the car could be quite confusing. Most of the buttons are gathered on the steering wheel, and could be quite confusing.

At the steering wheel, there is a switch that changes the car's behavior. There's the comfort mode, which makes the steering feel somehow light and the road noise more silent. The sporty modes make the car's steering wheel feel heavier, but it feels so nice at high speed. I also could also hear the road noise really loud.

The car is easier to drive than the F430 that I tried. It's more user friendly, and it's surprisingly very comfortable in comfort mode. Giving signal lights could be quite difficult sometimes, as it's located on the steering wheel. Imagine doing that when you're turning the steering.

Like the F430, the car is fast, really fast, and I think it's faster than the F430. The sound is very loud in sport modes. There is this weird feeling when I shift down the gear, it's like there's this addicting crunchy engine sound coming out from the engine.

I also love how it handles in the sporty modes. The steering wheel feels sharp, accurate, and nimble; perhaps more nimble than the F430 as far as I can remember.

If there's one thing I don't like about the car, it's privacy. I saw many people pointing and taking pictures of the car, which sometimes made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The fuel, well, not exactly what you call eco friendly. The fun ride is paid with the price of the fuel.

Overall, it's a nice experience driving this new Ferrari, and I think I would rent another Ferrari when I stay at Marina Bay again.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2011

22nd Sep 2011, 01:20

You test drove a Ferrari in Singapore?

1st Feb 2014, 05:00

A cool deal in Singapore - Marina Bay Sands.

For about $300 you can drive a Ferrari for about 20 minutes - on public roads - with a "minder" sitting in the passenger seat.