1997 Ferrari F355 Spider from Australia and New Zealand




Absolutely nothing so far, but then I've only had her for 2 weeks.

General Comments:

AMAZING. The most incredible sound I've ever heard in my life. Insurance is a huge problem. If anyone can help me, please email me si99602@hotmail.com. I'm 23, nobody wants to insure me. But aside from that, it's the most incredible feeling driving this car. Mine is the spider with a TUI, and it sounds incredible. My favourite thing is pulling up next to done up Nissans and Toyotas. this baby is in a league of her own. GET ONE!!!

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Review Date: 12th March, 2006

24th Jun 2006, 11:09

If you actually have a Ferrari it is doubtful that you even bother with kids driving Nissans, Toyotas etc. with the exception of a Supra. I encounter Civics, Neons, Pickups, Jeeps! gawking or wanting to race at least every 5 miles in a Viper. I suspect it is the same in a Ferrari. You try to ignore it after a while.

31st May 2009, 06:19

Be careful what you pull up to, lots of cars from the 00s are going to outclass you. Also, cruising around looking for cheaper cars to look down upon is seriously uncool. Do some track driving and prove your skills against comparable cars. If you don't have any, you're going to get beat by Golf GTIs and Miatas.

1997 Ferrari F355 GTB 3.5 from UK and Ireland


The best £40K I've ever spent


Central Locking

Bizarre, in some areas of the country the central locking does not work. I warn you now, if you get out of the car and it doesn't work, quickly get back into it, move round the corner and then try again. Amazingly true fact, some areas of the country the radio signals in some areas are too strong and the standard F355 immobilser will not read the signal. You don't want to end up like me and get towed by a Golf 20 metres before the signal works (and I had a date aswell waiting for me back at my house!)

Oil Leaks...

Yes this has been a big problem for me, not sure exactly as the moment something happens I phone Joe Macari, but I think its to do with the gears... I'm having problems changing into any gear when the car is cold, it just doesn't want to go into gear unless forced for the first few 100 metres..

General Comments:

Performance wise its excellent, so fast, but I don't like driving at night or if the road is not dry - its just too dangerous in 1st or 2nd gear. Don't whatever you do floor it in first gear when your coming off a roundabout - I warn you!!!

Amazing, but this is my first Ferrari so I haven't got anything to compare it against! Alls I can say, if your young like me (25 when I got it)... get one! The amount of birds that wanna get into it still makes me laugh...!!

And you would be amazed how many old people love it, more so than young.

One thing I have to say tho it aint that comfy, but there is a lot of leg room. For long journeys its not the best and the sound system is about as good as my very first car (peugeot 205)... hehe... who cares tho when the engine sound is awesome.

And if you want to get warm, just floor it in any gear, the heat from the engine will come right over you!!! On summer days, you will have the air con on constantly it can get very hot!!!

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2004

17th Mar 2006, 08:05

If this is a mid-engined rear wheel drive super-car, how on earth would the "hot air from the engine" go straight over you if you floor it? You sure you got a Ferrari?

17th Mar 2006, 11:58

I'd ask how a 25 year old is affording (and maintaining) an exotic Ferrari.

27th Jan 2008, 00:18

I am contemplating buying my first Ferrari F355 coupe, but I live in BC Canada. That means it'll be garaged most winter days. What precautions do I need to take to maintain it in good operating order? Any comments would be most appreciated.


29th Aug 2022, 14:48

Frequent oil changes and a spare bank balance of at-least six figures and you are OK with most Ferrari's.

1997 Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta 3.5 NA from Hong Kong


A beautiful car exuding class and passion!


Blow back valve on Tubi exhaust needs tightening.

Head lamp motor replaced.

Air-con needed fixing.

LED readout fixed.

General Comments:

An amazing piece of machinery that I use as my everyday car.

Starting to look a bit dated especially next to a 360.

F1 is awesome!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2001

1997 Ferrari F355 GTS 3.5 V8 from UK and Ireland


Sleep with it!


I got some dead flies on the front!

General Comments:

For me, nothing comes closer to motoring perfection than ANYTHING with a Cavallino Rampante attached.

And before you all leap to the defence of Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, et al, it's got nothing to do with who's faster, handles better or looks sexier. When you are LUCKY enough to be able to own something in this league it's raw emotion that shakes your hand as you're writing out the cheque.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2001

26th Jun 2001, 04:15

Un-insurable agreed! I'm 21 and have a '92 348. I HAVE to have a tracker, advanced driving course certificate and cap it at 8000 miles at most. Still, insurance is still silly money, but the car only cost £34,000, less than the price of a Merc SLK230... no comparison.

26th Jun 2001, 11:52

How much was your insurance?