F355 Spyder 8 cylinder

The F355 is the ultimate driving machine. You can't go wrong with buying one - just broke

65 words, North America, 1 comment

F355 Spider

It is the ultimate driving experience!

89 words, North America

F355 V8

This car represents history of Ferrari!

94 words, North America

F355 Spyder

Ferrari should be ashamed of their convertible top

406 words, North America, 9 comments

F355 Spider


92 words, Australia and New Zealand, 2 comments

F355 GTB 3.5

The best £40K I've ever spent

362 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

F355 F1 Berlinetta 3.5 NA

A beautiful car exuding class and passion!

44 words, Hong Kong

F355 GTS 3.5 V8

Sleep with it!

79 words, UK and Ireland, 25 comments