1999 Ferrari F355 F1 Spider 3.5L V8 from North America


It's an every day dreamcar


Main hydraulic rams for the convertible top failed.

Catalytic converters failed.

RH exhaust manifold cracked.

LH external door handle broke.

Trunk struts needed replacement.

General Comments:

First, the looks are stunning, and it drives as well as it looks. The performance is about what you get from a new Corvette; zero to 60 time in about 4.7 seconds, and a top speed of about 183. Where this differs from the Corvette is in cornering. There is nothing I have ever driven that comes close to the way this car sticks to the ground.

The practicality of the car is underrated. You can use is almost every day -- and I have, driving it an average of 1,000 miles a month, even in winter. The seats are comfortable and so is the ride -- it's better than many sedans I have been in. The trunk space is enough for a cart full of groceries, and it averages 16+ mpg combined and 20-21 highway.

Outside of a poor sounding sound system, it's very expensive to maintain due only to the price of parts. Mine now has 38k miles on it and I've only had a few things go wrong with the car since I bought it -- but nothing has been cheap. If you are going to get one, I would make sure you could afford $10k for maintenance should something pricey need to be replaced -- and considering the age of the car, something probably will, as parts are getting to their age/wear limits. Also, every five years it needs an engine-out belt service, and the clutch only lasts about 20K miles.

I bought my '99 F1 Spider in June of 2011 and absolutely love it. My car was built in July of 1998, and there isn't a thing wrong with the interior, and no rattles or squeaks, it's unreal.

I live in Michigan, and average driving it 1k miles a month, only garaging it when there is snow and ice on the roads. It's a car that loves to be driven, and driven hard.

I picked mine up for less than $60K from a Ferrari dealership, and it's the best money I have ever spent. Sure, for that price you could get a new Vette, Boxster or whatever, but they are just cars, a Ferrari is a dream.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2012

22nd May 2012, 14:23

Sure it's not a maintenance nightmare vs a dream. I don't get it; clutches and low mileage engine out maintenance. Having to set aside 10k a year for repairs. And that's acceptable?

9th Aug 2012, 08:54

For the experience you get with this car? All I can say is "Yes"! They do need a lot of care for sure, but as long as you do the "normal" tasks, the car will treat you well (i.e. warm it up to operating temperature before pushing it over 3k RPM, don't push it past 7500 RPM too much, turn on the engine twice a month and run it to temperature, and drive the car once per month, giving the brakes a hard workout).

1999 Ferrari F355 F1 from North America


Worth every penny


A great car and a lot of fun.

General Comments:

I purchased the car because it has always been a dream of mine to own a Ferrari. This car didn't let me down because it is quick, fast and all that you would imagine a Ferrari to be. If you have a dream and have always wanted one, the 1999 355 F1 is a good way to get started at a decent price. Stick with a 1999; it was the last year of the 355 model and all the bugs are gone - its perfect. I told myself I would keep it for a few years and sell it which I will do, and by the way I will drive it for two and a half years and sell it for what I purchased it for. What a cheap dream to live!

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

26th Nov 2009, 20:53

Wow, how is the service and maintenance?

3rd Oct 2012, 06:15

I have a '99 F1 Spider and it's been real dependable. Parts are expensive though. A full brake replacement will cost about $5,500, about $4,000 for a clutch, and there is an engine out service you have to do every 30,000 miles or 4 years, and that runs about $6,000.

Just pray nothing happens with the hydraulics. Roof rams can cost $6k per side, the F1 actuator is about $12 grand, and the main pump, should that go, is $30k to replace. Yes, you read that right.

You can go to this site and see what every part costs (retail):


Hope that helps.