25th Jul 2006, 19:27

I am 33 and have 90 348 GTS.

I love it, drive it, pay for it,& cherish it. I have had it seven years & won't sell it.

For you young guys who are inquiring about insurance, who cares your license. It will probably become revoked anyhow. That is if you drive your car the way it was intended. I have a friend who makes me insurance cards.

Next, if you're like me and your favorite car is a 355, then buy a 348 and put 355 wheels, door scoops and rockers, as they are interchangeable. Now they even make a taillight panel with round lights. You can't tell the difference.

O'hhhhhhhh what a car. It is only a 4 valve motor, but its is still FERRARI V8. Better than any german car for the money. Not the fastest not the best, but sometimes I am just in awe as I forget how truly wonderful it is to own a Ferrari.

Don't get red because the attention is overwhelming after the first year.

Good luck to all in fulfilling your dreams.

Scott socal.

27th Jul 2006, 06:45

Modifying a 348 to look like a 355 is just wrong. It may look the same, but the owner is always going to feel like he's conning himself & the people who admire it. While the 348 was a brilliant car, the 355 will go down as one of the all time greats.

Heard that a Toyota MR2 owner, put 355 panels on it so it looked almost exactly like a 355. The conversion went so well, he's offered to do it for other MR2 owners... at a price obviously. Needless to say he's now in hiding from Ferrari's team of lawyers!!!

4th Feb 2007, 05:12

Wow. Just reading all those comment on the F355. After months of thinking and wondering we have decided it's time to enter the Ferrari ownership circle. I'm 30 in 5 months and since I was 4 years old have dreamed of owning a Ferrari.

So time to take the plunge. It's going to be either a F355 GTB or GTS - too many bad stories about the Spider plus in my opinion it just doesn't look as good.

Red, Cream leather, red carpets and Tubi exhaust, that's the dream ticket. I'm in Dublin, so a few trips to the UK will be in order before I find the right one, I'm sure.

I can't wait. I've been waiting for this for more than 25 years. My only fear... that in those 25 years I've built it up to be more than it really is. Only time will tell, and I can't wait to find out...

19th Oct 2007, 16:35

355 over anything. I'm 23 in a few days. I own a Porsche Cayenne, and I will work even harder to get the 355 by 25.

See you guys in 2 years.

Will keep you posted.

12th Jun 2008, 17:57

Just to continue with the comments that I have enjoyed reading, I'm 29 and said bye to the F355 GTB. I've had 4 great years with it.

Good points: Awesome Sound if you have a tubi, Great speed. Great looks and great drive, all ways puts a smile on your face. Great handling, but go slow in the wet. That back end will slide out so don't be silly going round corners. Above all great value for money, you can pick one up for 35k!

Bad points: Can't really be used as an everyday car, I only drove mine about 3000 miles per year, so had the expense of 2 cars and 2 insurances, and drove my 2nd car a lot more than the 355. But that's just me... People asking me if it was a real one started to annoy me. And it will you in the end! If you have neighbors, they may complain about the noise.. a lot!

Can't think of much else to write, other than the F355 was my dream car, so this week has been a sad week to see it go. But its time for something new!

25th Aug 2008, 14:35

F355 is the top sport car ever.

13th Nov 2008, 12:25

Hi all Ferrari 355 lovers.

I'm 30 turning 31 in Jan 09. Planning to give myself a 355GTS 1997 Blue, cream interior as a gift for my birthday. I found the car but I need to be sure from one thing before paying 75000$:

What problems do 355 models have? And what do a potential buyer need to look out for before buying such a beautiful but old piece of art???

28th Jun 2009, 11:17

I just turned 40 and have been wanting to own a Ferrari for a long time. I have a Porsche 911 which is a great reliable sports car but want to add a Ferrari. I drove a 360 and 430 2 yrs ago but decided the entry fee was too high. I personally like the 355 aesthetics better than the newer ones and right now the price is right to get one. Afraid of having to pay for "major" work on it, but at least a lower entry fee allows budgeting for that.

29th Mar 2011, 00:07

Tifosi = plural.

Tifoso = singular.