23rd Nov 2007, 01:57

Yes it is a Ferrari, but its still just a driving machine. If your top is down and you are caught on the highway when a rain storm hits just keep driving (crazy? not really) no rain will actually fall in the interior it will simply hit the windshield and go right over top. I don't recommend to go out and try it, but if it does happen do like Queens of the stone age GO WITH THE FLOW. And yes it happened to me in my 944 s2 cabriolet you should have seen the looks on other drivers priceless, remember live to drive, drive to live.

Ciao tutti.

14th Dec 2007, 15:03

Great review... I loved the "scalded" cat reference on acceleration. After owning 4 911s, and currently a Cayenne S, brakes are important features on a vehicle. As lots of cars go fast, but the best ones go faster and stop faster, so thanks for the "parachute" reference. Given that I am an expat in London, thanks for a candid review of a convertible. British translation would be the "hood is rubbish", so I think that I will get a targa version of the 355 Cheers Porsche5.

3rd Oct 2012, 06:05

To anyone thinking of getting a spider, yes, the hydraulics operating the roof are a pain. I had to get my rams replaced because it sat in my dealer’s showroom too long and they did not exercise it properly. The service manager explicitly told me, DO NOT leave the top down for more than a week at a time, it will eventually cause alignment problems and component failures. The less you use the roof, the less you are keeping the fluid moving thru the system, which means dried out inner seals and clogs. During the summer, even if the weather is great for weeks on end, put the roof up now and then; and the reverse goes when garaging it in the winter. Keeping the parts moving will keep them working.

The one person is correct, if you are caught in a storm with the top down, drive as fast as possible and the rain will go right over the top. The faster the air is moving, the better.

Where I disagree with the main review is that in my opinion the 355 not only looks better than the 360, it is easier to drive at the limit than a 360, and actually performs better as well. With only 20 more HP, straight-line performance is about the same, but the 355 is better in the corners. I take mine to dealer sponsored track days held at a road course, and the 360’s just can’t keep up as they are far too twitchy (and for the British reviewer, I’ll point out that Clarkson and several guests on Top Gear have said the same thing). Personally, I also like the seats better and the ride is great. I’ve taken mine on a 6 hour trip, and felt far better getting out of it than I have my SUV.

My only gripe is the cost of parts, which is to be expected. I have the SF brakes and they are $325/pad and $1k/rotor; the clutch is about $4k and the $6k engine out belt service has to be done at 30K miles (same for the 360 as well). Insurance is only $30 more per month than my ’08 Jeep, and I put on a set of Michelin Super Sports about 12K miles ago, and they have several thousand miles left in them. Gas isn’t bad, all things considered, I get over 20 freeway and 16.5 combined in normal use (8 on the track, LOL).