14th Jul 2006, 15:32

I can't believe you guys are comparing a ferrari to civics and evos!! that makes me so mad!

28th Jul 2006, 11:45

I think comments which are so black and white as "best car for under 100k" should be avoided. There is certainly a place for opinion, but it shouldn't be taken as gospel. For example, I know of many many modified Nissan Skyline GTR's that are considerably faster than a stock F355, and they cost considerably less than 100k. In fact, you could get yourself a 500bhp GTR for 15-20k, and have the balance in your pocket for other expenses.

As for the car itself, I have heard the 355 is a more forgiving car on the limit than the newer 360's, which may seem strange. It is however an older car, obviously, and the styling reflects this.

Current prices can be as low as £30,000 with some decent haggling, and I doubt there will be much significant depreciation on one of these.

Try buying a new rep-mobile, and see how much you lose in 3 years time. Frankly, I would expect the overall cost per mile on this would be better than a new car. Consider than depreciation will be a huge factor in the new car (perhaps as much as 50-60 % of the purchase price) vs. almost zero for the 355, and you can see how far ahead you are to start with.

I have been looking seriously at this car for some time now (currently drive an STI, thanks for the above comments, which I disagree with), and also at an early 360 (had for about £50000), and am having trouble convincing myself to do it.

Don't get me wrong, the Ferrari is a wonderful car, has soul, pace, finesse, and everything you could want. I just think they are a little expensive still, given what they offer.

As alternatives, you could do worse than a 911 if you want a good all rounder, but if it's a sports car, there really is no substitute for an Ultima GTR640.

But as I mentioned at the start, this is an opinion only.

26th Aug 2006, 15:24

As an owner of a 355 spider I am biased, but suggest most people agree that this is one of the seminal cars of the 20th century.

Forget performance, if you want to be fast buy a caterham super-light R500 and be done with it. Live the style of this amazing piece of automotive porn.

Ferraris aren't about gadgets, tricks or modernity, they're about class, elegance and pure unadulterated driving enthusiasm.

Alternative drives don't feel right for me. As a previous Porsche and Lamborghini owner they are too clinical and "German". I don't want 4-wheel drive solidity or Japanese performance figures. If you can truly choose any car to drive for fun it has to be a Ferrari - there is a reason why they're so popular.