1998 Ferrari F355 gts 3.5 from UK and Ireland





General Comments:

One of the best looking ferraris ever made and the sound from the exhaust is even better than the performance, I've had the exhaust bye pass valve wired open on mine and its so LOUD, just like an f1 car.

If you want a 355 pay more for a good one and your save money in the long run, watch out for bubbling on rear buttresses and cracks on exhaust manifolds theses cost £1500 each for new ones.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2006

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider 3.5 from UK and Ireland


F1 screaming useable supercar


The roof leaking, repaired on warranty F.O.C. The roof also failed to open properly via the normal method. This was repaired F.O.C. on warranty.

Also, the exhaust bypass valve failed. Very annoying, and relatively expensive for such a silly small thing. Would have cost £850 or so, but it was done for much cheaper.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick. Early in the rev range it is pathetically slow though, so keep it above 4000 rpm if you don't want civics to beat you to a gap in slow moving traffic. My Supra is on par with this car below 80 mph or so, but after that the 355 pulls a gap and just keeps moving away.

Handling wise this car is amazing. The more you push it the more you appreciate its performance. Really and truly like its on rails.

Steering is not as quick or responsive as it could be. Supra feels more responsive steering wise. Still lots of feel though, and can't really complain, its just not perfect though.

Cabin is old style and not really up there in terms of toys etc. But styling wise it has character, and is very well put together. In black it can be a bit gloomy. Cream leather with red carpets looks really good. Seats are fantastically comfortable. Generally very very comfortable.

The pedals are a little offset which is not the best, but it's never intolerable.

Looks wise it is certainly a very pretty car, not as aggressive looking as a 360, but still very pretty. Very feminine shape, and the alloys suit it very well. Silver, yellow and red suit the car best.

Running costs wise it loves petrol, and will consume a lot of oil (about a litre every 3,000 miles depending on how hard driven), but otherwise not too bad. Just heard from Ferrari dealers that cambelts are down to £1500, which is a massive saving. Now is the time to own one, there are very accessible cars. Some parts are dear, such as a wing mirror, others are reasonable (brake pads etc). The most expensive cost will be the depreciation, and believe me they do depreciate!

But aside anything else, its the engine sound that gets me. Its why I bought one and it really is worth the money. Sounds amazing, stick a tubi on it and you can really pretend you are in an F1 car. I am seriously addicted to the sound and will forgive all and any costs. Lovely, fantastic engine. Hear the bypass valve change gas outlets and you will be in love with this car too.

I heard something before I bought mine, which I can now agree wholeheartly with... Ask yourself if you can afford NOT to have one?

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

5th Jul 2006, 22:36

Yes this is a Ferrari, and if you buy one you will be amazed. I have one also, and all I have to say is that it's very hard to find a car that is cheaper to be faster. Yes, maybe a new Z06, but it will never look as good as a Ferrari f355!!!

And also, if you buy one, you will never be disapointed, and yeah its running cost are high, but why buy one if you can't afford it? No Evo or STI will beat this car. My buddy has an 05 Subaru STI and says it doesn't even compare to the Ferrari, so I know of no other car that you can buy under 100k that is faster, better looking, or gets as many looks as this car does. Sorry Corvette owners, none compare to a Ferrari!!!