1998 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 3.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Every boy racer's dream!


Wheel nut corrosion.

Rear wing silicon problem where the wing meets the roof - appeared as if it were corrosion but turned out to be the silicon on the seam.

General Comments:

A dream car - excellent performance - minor criticism is that it is "a bit twitchy in the wet". Fuel economy surprisingly good - over 20 miles to the gallon but if "economy" is important to you, buy a Ford.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2000

29th Dec 2000, 22:55

Why would you go from a Porsche 911 to a Ferrari, The Porsche would kick the Ferrari's ASS. But since you liked it, fine I guess it was a good deal, by the way how much did you sell the Porsche for and how much did you pay for the Ferrari? Unless you did not sell the Porsche. Hey what about the specs for both cars like a side by side comparison. I wasn't really raggin' on either car so print this please.

1998 Ferrari F355 GTS 3.5 V8 petrol from UK and Ireland


It has got dirty occasionally.

General Comments:

Other drivers in other cars give you some serious appreciation. It is also funny watching pedestrians pretending not look whilst walking into shop windows. It is also the only car I've ever had where I go into the garage to look at it. Gives my wife sleepless nights worrying that someone might half inch it!

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999

30th Jan 2001, 11:50

Needs more info on the basics. What's wrong with the car?

There has to be something, it can't just be the most perfect car or everyone whould have one right?

Comments in general?

My wife gets worried? What is that. But all in all I think it was OK.


Owner of a 2000 Ferrari

12th Feb 2001, 17:03

Tara Palmer Tomkinson?

31st May 2001, 15:51

Yes, I think everyone probably would own a 355 if they had 100,000GBP of spare cash - it is the personification of the perfect car!

30th Jul 2001, 18:25

Ta ra, TARA. Are you a moderator or something?

1st Oct 2009, 14:59

LOL at last comment.