20th Feb 2001, 11:30

There's more to a car than pure performance. I currently drive a Toyota Celica GT4 Turbo Carlos Sainz. Sure, the thing's ridiculously fast, but it's fun I'm after. Driving is about sensations and fun. There's not a shadow of a doubt that my car is faster than a Mk1 MR2. The cornering alone is kidney squashing. However, I'm about to switch to a Mk1 MR2 cause it's fun!

911s are beautiful cars, but so is a 355. We don't all drive on tracks comparing lap times. If we did, I'd buy a 911 GT3. Driving on the road is a very different matter. In cars like the 355 and 911, you never get even close to the car's potential, so other factors come into play other than absolute speed.

24th Jul 2001, 20:30

The 911 Turbo is a few tenths of a second quicker than an F355 so in the real world there is nothing in it. The 911 Turbo is harder to get off the line with that 4wd, looks anonymous next to an F355 and sounds anonymous next to a F355. The Ferrari is 12/10 for fun factor with the Porsche way behind.. how can you compare! Also I'd rather have 380 naturally aspirated horsepower rather than 400 BHP generated by 2 turbos. Doesn't matter who makes it, but turbo's are turbo's, they run hotter and put more stress on the engine so engine life will favour the Ferrari.

17th Dec 2001, 05:02

I owned a 355 F1, as well as my 348 Challenge car, I soon sold the 355 F1 cos it made you feel that the car's gearbox had more control, especially when selecting reverse gear. I'm sure many readers will agree you should have total control over such a car, I personally feel the 348 to be last of the real mass produced Ferraris, by which I mean no power steering, more hand made items etc.

I must admit I would have preferred the traditional rear lights design, but I think it's overall prettier than the 355. I don't drive it much as it's special (to me) and will never sell it, for everyday I use a 1983 911sc which is very usable...

2nd Jan 2003, 02:17

I am Mohammad Sohaib from Pakistan. I don't have Ferrari F355 but I have many pictures, videos and sounds. I like F355 from everywhere specially its design and its unique sound. This is the Ferrari's quality that its every car has a different sound and design. Porsche has all the same models like Porsche 911. Although I am a big fan of Porsche, but it seems that Porsche cannot win against the Ferrari as for as designing and styling is concerned. Ferrari 360 is a true sports car, but I like F355 for its unique sound.

26th Oct 2005, 12:37

The 355 looks and sounds fantastic. with a tubi on its the best ever. i had a 328 gts and changed it for the 355.i think it better than the 360.

11th Oct 2006, 23:53

I have just sold my 328GTS and upgraded to an F355. Naturally it is a different world. The 328 was the ideal ferrari for a first ferrari, but unfortunately left me with a legacy of not wanting to be without one of the icons of the motor world.

The 355 is the in every sense of the word a true drivers race car. Ideal for driving in the city, great on the country roads and surprisingly comfortable on long trips. Fabulous handling. But it is the sound and performance of the engine that gets the heart racing. That exhaust note is spectacular.

The looks are to die for, and the car leaves me with a permanent grin on my face. And... I have never had so many women want to go for a ride in it. Cest la vie.

Being a purist, you can't beat a red one.

28th May 2008, 13:29

I have a 355F1 Spider. It is used every day, sunny or raining. After 15,000 kms the main problems I have had with the car are as follows:

Roof is a joke... leaks when it rains and has a mind of it's own when trying to raise or lower it. Half the the time I just leave it up, to safe the hassle!

Exhaust by-pass valve has never worked but I live so far from a Ferrari dealer, I never got it fixed.

The F1 clutch overheated when trying to reverse out of an awkward parking spot... has been behaving very badly since.

Can't drive forward onto a car ferry because the front overhang is too long... have to reverse up the ramp and fry the clutch again!

Leather on the dashboard is pealing off, which I believe is a common problem.

Battery will go flat if the car is left for over four days, unused. New battery was fitted.

Amazing thing is, I love the car but use my old MR2 when I have to be sure to get to my destination!