2005 Ferrari FXX 6.0 V12 from Italy


Fast, very fast


First I should tell you that I don't own this car. In fact the owner who is a friend of mine still does not own this car, since Ferrari is not giving them right now. Only 20 of these are being made and are the best machine by Ferrari to date. Only dedicated clients will be offered to pay $1.8 million, who will by chosen by Ferrari. After that they will be invited at Ferrari's race track where they will be allowed to drive the car. At the visit they will be allowed to bring one guest and passenger...that's where I come in!

General Comments:

When I first saw the car, i didn't feel the rush of excitement and adrenaline I was expecting, or what I felt when I was in an Enzo for the first time. It just isn't as beautiful as an Enzo.

When the doors opened, we were strapped in, and as the doors closed I was still calm, as if I did this every day. Only when the engine started did I realize what I was in for. I had heard it from the outside too, but the growl of the engine from the inside gives a loud and clear warning.

The car is too fast. Period.

My friend, anxious to finally drive the car he paid 1.8 million dollars for, did not hesitate to slam the pedal.

I've been in an Enzo (my friend obviously had an Enzo too), and that didn't seem as fast as this.

We went straight for a while, very fast, then he cut a sharp turn. The handling was superb. Without warning he cut another sharp one. I was filled with admiration of the silver horse as only the seat belt prevented me from slamming into the side door. After the turn he again gave it a pick as I was pushed into my seat. Finally he slammed the brakes, and the car came to a standstill in a matter of seconds. The whole ride seemed to end too quickly, but had he driven more he might have seen my lunch all over his $1.8 million interior.

That was it.

As we left I looked back at the monster we had just driven, quietly sitting in the sunset, knowing it was a rare breed of just 20, knowing it had just blown away two enthusiastic individuals, knowing it had changed them forever, and knowing this was only the beginning...

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Review Date: 6th September, 2005

21st Sep 2005, 19:30

Wait, hold on a second. you said your friend does not own the car, but later on you say your friend was anxious to drive the car he paid 1.8 million for. Am I missing something?!

23rd Sep 2005, 06:56

Yes I said my friend does not own it yet. Ferrari has not given it to him. He is selected, but it will be delivered ti him later this year after all the technicalities of Ferrari buying, and after he passes the driving tests they have for these cars. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. Add comments!

Thank you.