1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Quattrovalvole from North America


Best bang for your buck OF ANY CAR!


Drivers side electric mirror.

Electric trunk release.

Tear in soft top.

General Comments:

So much fun to drive.

Great engine, with great sound and great satisfaction shifting through the gears.

Clutch is perfect.

Manual steering heavy at slow speeds, but perfect once going.

Super sexy body.

Looks great and slightly understated in black.

Challenging soft top to raise and lower.

Greatest purchase I've ever made.

So so happy.

I'm 18 again and now own a Ferrari that holds my wife up front and my three kids in the back seat! Wow! Life is good!

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Review Date: 18th July, 2009

2nd Sep 2010, 14:07

I'm happy for you haha, nothing feels better than getting the right car for you... With some people, that car could be a Mustang, could be a Jaguar. But congratulations, I'm still on my search! :D

14th Aug 2012, 14:03

Just bought one, love it for life. Greg, Reno NV.

25th Aug 2012, 13:28

There is no such thing as a cheap Ferrari!! And it's real!! The Fiat Dinos were the cheapest, and this is one of the best cars I've ever owned. I've had em all!!!

Greg, Reno NV.

Bless the Mondials!!!

1984 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Coupe 3.0 liter quattrovalvole from North America


Incredible car for the money


I got this car from the original owner. The car has driven flawlessly so far. I sent it to the shop for its 60k mile service and had the heads adjusted, plus the timing chain and all the usual things that are done with a major service.

The cost of the service was only 2995.00 where everyone gets these 10,000.00 service bills are probably from cars that were not taken care of. If it is properly taken care of you can get 200k out of a Ferrari, well at least that is what the guy at the Ferrari shop said. He is from Italy and worked for them for 20 years before coming to America. His 308 has over 250k miles on it. His odometer is in KM’s because he bought it in Europe. But the odometer translates to roughly 250,000 miles. Granted he is a mechanic and can do the work himself. But he claims that other than taking care of it and a recent engine rebuild it is perfect.

General Comments:

Now for the details that some people leave out. The car sounds incredible. You do not know how thrilling it is to be driving 80mph and step on the gas and here the whine from a screaming Ferrari engine as it accelerates to 125mph. Top speed is around 150mph. Mine is the European edition. Not the modified US plus I have added several performance options to it.

The zero to 60 end is on the slow side by today’s standards. But you can get modification chips and buy a few items to get you in the 0-60 mph in around 6.2 seconds.

The Ferrari has a wide turning radius, but handling is superb. The rack and pinion steering is great. And the brakes are huge and vented and can stop on a dime. Some idiot ran out in front of me and I had to put them to the test one day. I stopped with plenty of distance between us. This happened to me in a Mustang with disastrous results. That was my only accident and I will never buy a Ford again. Not due to the accident I just think they are not very well built cars.

One draw back if you are a big guy. Which I am not. I am 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds, is getting in and out of the car. This car is very low as all Ferrari’s are. So when you get in and out it becomes a small chore. If you are over 6 feet and weigh 225+ You may want to look elsewhere. My buddy hates getting in and out.

You can safely use it as a daily driver. You see all these vehicles with 7500 miles and under 15k, and it seems such a waste for such a fine machine as a Ferrari. These were made to be driven. They are not made to sit in a garage and collect dust. If I had the choice between a higher mileage, well taken care of Ferrari and a low mileage neglected one. I would take the higher mileage in an instant.

Instrumentation is good. Except it is hard to see the small clock while you are driving. But all other gauges are clearly visible. The AC works pretty well. It does not match my BMW, but it does a good job of cooling down the car.

The windows go up very slowly. This is not a problem with your car it is inherent in all Mondials, that I know of.

The glove compartment is tiny. But who stores a ton of things in their Ferrari anyways? The backseats are adequate for children. It fits my 13 year old and my 7 year old just fine. Adults can squeeze back there, but not too comfortably. My cat fits back there fine and he has plenty of room to look for other feline cuties.

The gear shift sometimes sticks a little. You have to rev the engine to get the car into gear from time to time. Not very often though. I took it to the shop because I thought there was a clutch problem and the mechanic said it is just a characteristic of the Mondial. I guess he was right, because it still drives great even though it happens every now and then.

The controls are nicely located within reaching distance of the driver everything is to the right of the driver below the gear shifter.

Emergency brake is to the left of the driver located next to the seat.

Getting gas for it is fairly easy. Push the gas button the door opens up. It is very easy to fuel it with the location of the gas port.

Checking the oil is very easy. You have to reach to the back of the engine, but the oil stick has very visible markings.

Sitting in traffic sucks with this car. It begs to be driven and it handles best at about 80mph.

You feel every bump in the road and train tracks are a nightmare. It does not damage the car it is just a shock to feel so much response in the steering wheel as you drive over them.

Cornering is a dream. You will love the feel of it as you go from corner to corner. The Ferrari lets you know that you are always the one in control. I hope this review has helped you in your quest for an affordable Ferrari.

I love this car and will probably not sell it. I may just hand it down to one of the kids and buy me a 360 when they drop down to a reasonable price.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2005

29th Dec 2005, 12:32

This is inspiring stuff. Thank you. I had always considered a Ferrari to be unaffordable to mere mortals, but your review and others that I've found on the net indicate otherwise.

Makes more sense than the motor home I've got setting in storage! Anyway, I've got six Saturdays a week now so maybe there's a Mondial in my future.