25th Apr 2006, 23:30

The car gets 0-60 in about 5.2 seconds now... So not too bad... There was a problem with the exhaust that the mechanic fixed..

I hope this helps this all you people out there looking to drive an affordable exotic.

30th May 2009, 11:33

I totally agree with what you said, I bought a 3.2 Mondial 2 years ago and apart from a few electrical problems (due to poor contacts on the fuse panel) the car has been faultless. So many people mention high running costs and if you were talking about a V12 I would agree! however the V8 is a very robust, well engineered unit and if correctly maintained will prove very reliable.

Owning a Ferrari is something special and the car must be used! If you leave it in a garage it will run poorly and the electrics will become unreliable, mine is now running beautifully and nothing beats that noise when you put your foot down. I have owned and driven faster cars, but none have come close to the thrilling experience of a Ferrari.

One final point that is sometimes said of these cars is that when compared to others they are slow, you may be right but when that V8 is singing in your ears as you run up through the gears you don't care! Plus I will still be enjoying my "slower" car because I will be alive and not wrapped around a tree.

If you want to buy one then go ahead, you won't regret it!


15th Jun 2009, 16:58

Does anyone know where to get a chip to improve the off the line 0-60? I have an 85 and love it. Light switch for the headlights is messed up though.

12th Apr 2010, 23:10

Reading this site has been a huge relief. I am currently looking at purchasing an '84 308 GTS. Either I'm looking online in the wrong places, but I have found it difficult to find accurate reviews on this car. The car I'm looking at has all original documents from any such repair etc. The belt has been replaced within the last 100 km; again documents to prove.

I have been told that they are a major repair trap; anyone out there who owns one that could comment on such allegations? Obviously if a car is driven to the point of abuse, then such remarks are valid. This unit appears to be pampered.

Am I justifying it in my mind no matter what? I hope not... well perhaps. I would like to hear any thoughts from other owners, before I seal the deal.

Thank you.

14th Jun 2010, 20:48

I am purchasing my first Ferrari as well. 1988 Mondial 3.4 Cabriolet.

I have done quite a bit of research on the matter and wholeheartedly agree with everyone on the fact that I am not buying it for the speed but for the experience.

I am so looking forward to my first drive with the top down and listening to those 8 cylinders run past 5000 rpm when it really starts to sing.

The car has 59K on the speedo and it has been driven. It is in stunning condition, the old owner spent 20K$ just a couple of years ago. He's selling due to medical issues. I happened along at the right time and got lucky.

13th Oct 2010, 22:04

I own a 1986 Mondial convertible. Thus far flawless. Not as fast as newer cars, but this car provides an unforgettable experience each time I drive it. Will never sell. Find a good one and don't let go. Love the engine, transmission, brakes and sound...

18th Mar 2013, 23:48

I have owned a Mondial 3.2 for a year now. I chose the 3.2 over other Mondial versions because of the combination of power, reliability, and DIY serviceability. I am amazed that these cars are so inexpensive for a Ferrari, and feel grateful that they are often "maligned" by some, as it's driven down prices and made them a tremendous bargain.

The braking, handling, and balance are among the best of any car I've driven. The beauty of it all is that they are very easy to work on, and many parts can be interchanged with parts from BMW, Kia, Porsche, Buick, etc. These cars are a great little secret! And the sound they make when pushed to redline is like a Stradivarius violin on wheels!