31st Dec 2002, 01:28

Hi All.

I have owned a 1989 white with tan leather interior Mondial t Cabriolet for about 6 months now. It frustrated me when it broke down, but I have learned to accept it. She only had 12,000 miles on it and because of the lack of driving it had many repairs in the first few months. Overheating, hoses leaking, electrical problems, even an alternator needed replacement and so forth.

HOWEVER, when you drive this car, especially with the top down, most everyone will look and admire. The sound that emanates from the 4 exhausts is one that a Porsche could only imagine. I've had Porsches, and when you have stepped up to a Ferrari, especially one with a 348 engine or better, it is music to your ears.

The uniqueness of the body drives onlookers to question if it is a new body style of this year! Women stare and wave, men weep in their practical Hondas or family mini-vans wishing to have a second chance at life.

When you are feeling a little depressed, just turn the key and your problems vanish... it is that simple.

And as a matter of fact, since I have started driving the car, the malfunctions, breakdowns, etc... also seem to disappear. This car was meant to be maintained as well as driven.

It's practical and elegant with 4 seats & two trunks! It's modestly priced as well. It's the family Ferrari, or one for the golfer... I would recommend a 1989 or newer as the engine, ABS braking system, interior and so on were upgraded substantially. Expect to spend around $50,000 for a high quality specimen with low miles. Note: The roof is temperamental so be extra careful - it does tear easily. This car also seems to need warm up time of about 10-15 minutes before serious acceleration. Once it is warmed up, it is an extension of you. The sound, power and handling will make any driving enthusiast smile as it does me, even on the darkest of days. Safe driving!

Bradford, New York City.

5th Dec 2003, 18:24

I own a 1990 Mondial T with 26,000 miles, the car has been very reliable and I drive it hard. I think the main problem with these cars are the mechanics who work on them! The car handles well, has very good brakes and sufficient power. Make sure that the person who will service it is qualified and you will be happy!

15th Jan 2004, 13:36


I live near Paris, France, and I just acquired my first Ferrari last Saturday : a 1989 Mondial t. Who cares about repairs and maintenance when one hears the magic sound getting out of the exhausts? Some would say that a Mondial is not a "real" Ferrari. I disagree (and my wife and sons disagree also!!!). This is the best way to get driving sensations all together with your family. Really fantastic. A really nice toy...

Fred (apologies for my poor English).

19th Jan 2004, 21:03

Hi all fellow Ferrari Lovers.

I have read all your comments regarding owning and running a Ferrari. I also am looking at entering the world of Ferrari ownership and appreciate the information. The model I am checking out is the 1984 Mondial Quattrovalvole version. Having owned Fiats, I just love the Italian cars. The Mondial can seat my family in reasonable comfort and allows them to enjoy the fun with me!

I must admit I am concerned about the maintenance costs as they can be relatively expensive, especially when something vital breaks. It's not like you can go down to the local wrecker and pick your parts!

Still, like you all say, it's the car, the brand and the noises that make it extra special. Would like to here any more comments or experiences from fellow Ferraristi.


Melbourne Australia.

7th Mar 2004, 15:42

I have an 89 Mondial t and I have had the usual problems that come along with a car that only has 23,000 miles on it. The electrical components, pumps and connection have needed some attention, but I think that's to be expected when these things are not used. In fact, since I got my Mondial t 2 years ago, it seems to drive better and better each time. I have put 7,000 miles on it and have loved driving it. Some people who know all the Ferrari models have told me that they think the Mondial t was one of the best cars Ferrari ever made. More comfortable ride, good looks and very nice performance. You can get a faster car, but for a weekend trip, I don't know of any other car that is as fun to take along.



23rd Jun 2004, 23:13

I find myself searching the web for Ferrari references the night before my first Ferrari (1990 t Cab) arrives by truck. I first fell in love with a 1983 Mondial convertible that a car dealer neighbor brought home for the weekend nearly 20 years ago. My Dad and I got a ride to the gas station and back. The 2 mile trip is the most memorable automotive experience of my life. The Mondial drew attention, but its lines were not outrageous. I think car enthusiasts recognize the car's appearance and everyone becomes suspicious with the exhaust note.

My obsessive hunt is over. Three years of Internet searching, six months of repeated test drives and $1,700 in airfares to see Mondials. I love all Mondials. Tomorrow night after the sun goes down I'm going to reunite myself with youthful enthusiasm and just go for a short drive with the top down and the stereo off. I won't go far from home because it will be our first date. After two wars, marriage, kids and four mortgages I know to be prepared. I'll have the cell phone, a number to a flatbed towing service and $200 cash in pocket for mad money.


Las Vegas.

11th Jul 2004, 16:15


I have owned a 348 1992 since June 2003. Since I got it I had to change the timing belt (15k$), the electrical water pump, and now the alternator is gone. Yes that car is expensive to run.

Yvan from Canada.

10th Dec 2005, 21:44

"This does not happen (getting a thumbs up) to Porsche owners, suffice it to say."

I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm driving my very reliable 23yo 150+mph 310hp V-8 powered Porsche 928S and I get a thumbs up from a dumbstruck 30 something at a light.

Porsche...there is no substitute. :)

11th Dec 2005, 11:49

Yup, I have to agree.

No matter how far car designs evolve (and I think new Ferraris are ugly), the Porsche 928 will continue to be one of the most stunning pieces of automotive sculpture ever.

That said, the Mondial is my favorite Ferrari design ever, even though it's not as highly regarded by the collector community as other models.

Someday, if I have enough spare cash around for its upkeep, I would love to have a Mondial of my own.

19th Jan 2006, 16:03

I have owned a Mondial t since 2004. It is the best car I've ever had. No problems at all! Indeed it seems to drive better and better every day... I need to change the belts in June. I know a very reliable specialist who also maintains my Lancia Thema Ferrari 8.32. Both cars have reliable Ferrari engines. It's important to regularly service these cars. Take care; when you want to buy one, have it inspected very well, otherwise it might cost you a lot of money afterwards.

Wim, Rotterdam, Netherlands.