9th Aug 2009, 20:43

My 1st Ferrari!!!

I am so happy. It's a 90 Mondial t convertible.

Dark Blue, glove int. Drove it home just 4 miles after a truck brought it up from Fla. He delivered a car before me and I did not want to wait the extra hour so I met the truck at the stop before mine. How sweet it is.

I have had 4 Porsches; the last one a 98 C4S, which I miss dearly. I have a 67 Corvette convertible with factory side exhausts and it's always the one you see in the muscle magazines.

I won't ever let the Vette out of my stable, but there is a new horse in town and this one is a beautiful italian with a sweet sound and gorgeous lines.

Now if I can only get the top down properly, life would be grand.

14th Nov 2009, 18:54

Just purchased a 92 Mondial T. So far so good. Love the car. Looking for a little help. Where can I find out how many Mondial T were made (1992) for export to the US. Also, looking to go back to original 92 rims, mine are chrome, does anyone have any for sale or would like to trade. 925-228-8311.

19th Nov 2009, 09:51

Does anyone have thoughts on valuation of the Mondial t? Specifically, I am looking at a 1989 with 15K miles, one owner, complete service records and a major service - engine out - done in July 2009.

Also, as I'm in Florida... does the A/C in car the cool?

Any thoughts on my buying this car are welcome, as well as thoughts on price range.

Tx. Rob.

2nd Mar 2010, 04:39

OK. I have read all of the reviews here going back to before 9/11. It sounds to me, after reading all of these comments, that there should be a Mondial T in my future. Based on what I've read it seems to me that the bottom line with these cars is:

1. They are cruisers, not F1 speed machines (perfect)

2. They must be driven and not sitting all the time

3. They require tinkering every once in a while

4. They are fun to drive

5. They are... FERRARI!

So, I think I will buy one because I don't mind "tinkering", I love the looks, and I'm not out to become the next Mario Andretti. I just want to put the top down on a nice, cool, summer evening and cruise, and I want to turn heads doing it... how could life get any better?

Safe Driving!

4th Mar 2010, 20:19

The battery on my Mondial went dead, but in order to replace the battery, I need to open the front hood. Normally it would open electonically with an interior button. But since there no electric current on the car, I am no able to open it. Can you tell me if there's a way to do it manually. Pretty sure there is, but cannot find it. Thank you.

17th Nov 2010, 09:39

Get hold of the owners manual. It will show you the secret manual cable pulls to open the various trunks. They all have a manual cable pull. The engine compartment often opens from an opening in the rear seat. Then the rear trunk and gas cap are opened (I think) from inside the engine bay. The front trunk is probably opened from inside the glove compartment but not sure. Only thing I'm pretty sure about is they all have a non electronic backup method of opening. Even the sun roof on the Coupes have a special tool that can manually turn in from inside the trunk.



2nd Jan 2011, 02:36

The manual latch for the front hood is under the dash on the driver's side. It is reasonably easy to unlatch with a gentle tug. I had a similar battery problem until I hooked up a trickle charger.

Lastly, remember that the battery is not accessed under the front hood, but needs be replaced through the right front wheel well.

3rd Sep 2011, 12:17

Wow - I am sorry to hear of your challenges - so many posts I have read do not come close to your experience. Being that I am a "Future-Owner" of a Ferrari, I am reading all I can.

Do you feel that your Mondial was not well cared for prior to your purchasing her?? Did you choose to hire a Ferrari mechanic or the like to assist in your purchase? Did you take it to a Ferrari Dealer for a pre purchase inspection?

I like the Mondial for the fact that we have 2 pre-teen children to include in the enjoyment, I like the manual shift because my wife chooses to not drive a stick... :-) Selfish, but it's a Ferrari... :-).


9th May 2013, 23:28

8 plugs. 6.7 litres of decent oil plus a filter, cam belts, coolant bleed/change...

$10,000 for a 30,000 mile service?

I'd be looking for another mechanic.

11th May 2013, 13:21

Most cars do not need their motor pulled for a tune up.

26th Sep 2013, 11:58

if you ended up buying a 89 T coupe, you made a wise financial decision, as it's tripled in price in the past 2 years.

Hope you still have it, I have 1 of the other 42 in the country, or more like 28, as several are gone.

Best, Mike 510-541-9112.

8th Feb 2014, 11:56

I have a 1991 Mondial T Cab in Rosso Crema - I am only the second owner; the first having purchased the car new as a retirement present to himself - he only sold her because he was over 80 and having trouble getting in and out. She has done 34k miles and is in absolutely A1 condition.

Problems to date? Few thankfully.

Hood clip broke - I had an engineering shop mill a couple of replacements in stainless - which should last forever.

Exhaust cat sensor - replaced.

Hood struts weak and replaced.

Radiator foam missing and now replaced.

I keep the battery on constant trickle charge.

I know these are complex cars, and can be pricey to maintain, but a 2+2 Ferrari convertible V8 for £25k? That has to be a bargain doesn't it? The Mondial is fast becoming the last of the vaguely affordable everyman's Ferrari.