15th Jan 2002, 05:23

Clue about the parts: try to contact dealers in Poland, where the car has been produced for the last twenty years (we have thousands of this cars here). Prices will be a surprise (for ex: new clutch 6,- £!!!).

17th Jan 2004, 14:34

I bought a Fiat 126 BIS in about September 2003. I initially thought how pathetic and small it looked and continue to think that way today. My dad bought it off a couple who had owned it for about 13 years and had taken very good care of it. It looked in good condition from the top, however when we had a look underneath it was coated in rust. There were even holes in the floor. Also when we checked the engine it was obvious there was an oil leak as the engine was covered in oil. Other than that it looked fine. We took it for a test drive up the road and then purchased it for £75. Quite a good price for a car that was road legal. We didn't mention to the couple we bought it off that I was only 14 and not going to learn to drive in it. In fact it was going to have the engine and gear box and sum other mechanical parts removed to be placed in an off road go-kart.

So far we have extracted it from the car and started to clean it up. We hope to fit it on to the frame of a Blitz to race in.

Before we removed the engine and gearbox the car made good practice to drive round the field in and even managed a 180!

I have to say the engine does not perform well in racing conditions though!

29th Jan 2006, 18:05

I agree with what you are saying about Fiat dealers. It's them who are unreliable, not the cars!!!

22nd Aug 2006, 05:56

Hi, as a new Fiat BIS126 owner, I have been researching anything to do with this car. I have heard that this model is prone to over-heating. Other comments indicate that some models have been modified to avoid this. Does anybody have any useful information on this topic please?