2014 Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 Multiair turbo from North America


Mario Kart, the car


The lower rocker panels are peeling away from the body, I've read that it is a result of improper lifting during service. This car has a much smaller footprint and the contact points in the shop must be different. Warranty will cover the repair, just need to get it in.

Other than that... this car makes you drive like a manic. It's a turbocharged go cart.

General Comments:

Love it, coming from small trucks and SUVs this car really doesn't feel small while you're driving it. The interior feels as wide as my S10 - the high roof/ windshield tricks you into forgetting that it is such a mousey little car. It isn't until parking it that I remember hey, this is only half a car long. The back seat is bigger than you expect (low expectations obviously) and the trunk can fit two rollaboard suitcases plus travel junk. Fold down the seat and you can fit more than you expect.

The engine is peppy, lots of noises. Valve chatter if you lift the hood to listen, turbo whine, intake whoosh, and a beautifully tuned exhaust note with standard with no muffler. The exhaust is more than you expect; remember when you were a kid and made revving engine noises while riding your big wheel? That noise is what this car makes. Press Sport mode and the steering will require two hands to turn, the gas pedal gains response and the Multiair turbo remaps for another 25-30 noticeable hp/tq.

Overall, this car is a riot to drive. I drive this in Missouri and people are bewildered by it. A guy driving a Fiat 500? But the car sounds like a Lambo and looks like a Group B rally car with racing rims/brakes?

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st July, 2016